Children are not very fussy about their personal space as long as they can play leisurely and keep their favorite toys close to them all the time. Parents are usually assigning the coziest room to their kids when they are very young. But as they grow up and accumulate toys and books of all sizes, the room becomes very cramped and there is barely enough space to walk to the bed and dresser. We understand the challenges which parents must face in this situation, and this is why we have prepared a very consistent list of small kid room storage ideas to help you deal with the clutter:

#1 Install Cubby Storage Shelves

Both useful and pleasant to the eyes, these cubby storage shelves offer sufficient storage space. Being installed on the wall, they do not take up valuable floor space and help you get rid of at least one night stand with drawers. You can even get your kids involved in installing and painting these storage shelves and make a great DIY project together.

kid room 20

Source: Decoratehomenow

#2 Leave No Niche Unused

Many houses are built with niches for dressers or walk-in wardrobes. This type of shallow niches are often overlooked by parents when they are furnishing and decorating their child’s room. As you can see, a niche is a perfect place to install the bed, some storage crates, the child’s wardrobe and a series of shelves for toys or books. Since the bed is the bulkiest piece of furniture in in the room, you can free up a lot of space if you install your kid’s bed in a niche.

kid room 19

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#3 Use Every Corner

Room corners are not very well used by a lot of people, save from the occasional placing of book shelves right next to the corner. When it comes to kids’ rooms, you have to be a little creative in assessing the storage possibilities offered by every surface and nook. This simple system of corner shelves is extremely helpful for putting away toys and ornamental storage crates. As you can notice, it is installed in a room corner which is otherwise unusable, between the window and the wardrobe.

kid room 3

Source: Amazinginteriordesign

#4 Hanging Storage Shelves

This is a small and cute DIY project for you and your child for a rainy afternoon. Buy a few matching scarves and a few wooden shelves. Fasten the scarves against the wall and you will create a swing type shelf system for plush animals and other light toys.

kid room 8

Source: Architectureanddesign

#5 Use Toys as Room Decorations

The best small kid room storage ideas are the simplest: when you have no room to store the toys, display them as decorations on the wall. This smart mother has two sons and their room, although quite small, is as tidy as it can be. The furniture and decorations make great use of the available space and there is no feeling of clutter.

kid room 17

Source: Apartmenttherapy

#6 Furnish Narrow Rooms Efficiently

If your kid’s room is long and narrow, create a system of long and shallow tables and tall cabinets installed right into the wall. In this way, you will not waste even one inch of space and your child will have enough space to arrange their toys and do their homework. The rest of the room is easily navigable through the remaining space next to the tables.

kid room 10

Source: Houzz

#7 Park Toy Cars In Old Tin Cans

Old tin cans with their tops and bottoms removed, painted and glued together in a cluster make great parking spaces for your child’s toy cars. This simple and easy DIY project takes just one hour to make (if you use quick dry paint) and can be installed on any wall. The beauty of it is that you can add more cans to it as your child’s toy collection grows.

kid room 16

Source: Diyncrafts

#8 Create a Reading Corner

Thankfully, a lot of children still prefer reading books over watching TV or playing games on mobile phones. Encourage your little avid reader by creating a comfortable seating area next to the window, where there is lots of natural light, with storage shelves under the seat where you can arrange both books and toys. Simple and great looking, this seating solution will keep your child entertained and your house neater and less cluttered.

kid room 6

Source: Buzzfeed

#9 Use Transparent Storage Bins

Are you tired looking for that specific toy your child wants now? Or do you have to deal with the mess in the kids’ room after they rummage for the toy themselves? The simplest solution to end this perpetual problem is to buy transparent bins to organizes your kids’ toys. In this way, you can quickly identify eac toy and get it without turning the room upside down.

kid room 5

Source: Buzzfeed

#10 Buy a Modular Sleeping/ Activities Furniture Body

When there is really no room to separate the child’s bet from their activities (playing, doing homework) the best solution is to look for a customized modular furniture body which incorporate a bed, a desk, shelves and other storage areas in a compact form. This is our suggestion:

kid room 9

Source: Houzz

#11 Rolling Crates

These vintage fruit crates made of wood got a new lease of life with four castor wheels attached as toy storage solutions for small houses. Whenever they children want to play, the crates can be rolled out from under the bed and then put back there at the end of the day. Simple and inexpensive, this is a very efficient solution when you’ve run out of storage space in your kids’ room.

kid room 15

Source: Diyncrafts

#12 Another Use for Niches

Dome niches are not big enough to fit a piece of furniture in them. However, they can be fitted with custom made shelves to store your children’s toys and books. With a little paint job in a contrasting color from the rest of the room, this small niche can become the center of attention and a great way to decorate your child’s room and use space efficiently at the same time.

kid room 1

Source: Amazinginteriordesign

#13 Ziplock Bags for Lego Pieces

Every parent must have experienced at least once in their lives the pain of stepping on a Lego piece. These small construction block seem to linger everywhere in your home, and most frequently directly in your walking path. To solve this annoying problem once and for all, buy several ziplock bags in bring colors and teach your children to store their Lego pieces in them, by color. In this way, they can always find a piece they need when they are playing and will learn to be neat and tidy.

kid room 4

Source: Buzzfeed

#14 Make Good Use of Cupboards

When you cannot afford the luxury of wasting any inch of space, every surface matters. Even the cupboard must be used to the maximum extent, by placing pegs on the inner part of the doors as extra storage solutions.

kid room 13

Source: BHG

#15 Bed Hanging Pouches

These cute and colorful pouches can be made from whatever leftover fabrics you have around the house and decorated with stitches, beads or cut-out shapes. They are a great place for keeping your child’s favorite toys and books, so that they are always close at hand when they are needed.

kid room 14

Source: Diyncrafts

#16 Don’t Forget About the Door

Doors are also greatly overlooked as potential surfaces for creating storage solutions. This is a shame, because you can install a few pegs and have textile totes on them, which can hold a significant quantity of toys. These totes are also very decorative and most certainly your child will love them.

kid room 7

Source: Architectureanddesign

#17 Bed and Ladder

This is another efficient example of how to make the most of vertical space. In this case, the space above the bunk is hollowed out to create spacious storage shelves for books and toys. A simple ladder gives your child access to anything they may need with minimum effort.

kid room 2

Source: Amazinginteriordesign

#18 Integrating Bed and Shelves

For this project, the carpenters took notice of the small space available on each side of the bed. They created two tall and narrow shelf systems which fill up the space perfectly and create storage space for toys in an area where any other type of storage solution would not have fit in.

kid room 12

Source: BHG

#19 Install a Clothes Rack

Clothes rack help keep clothes crease-free and take less space than a wardrobe. This is a great way of saving space and creating a beautiful display of your child’s clothes. Thus, they can decide what they want to wear each day with great ease.

kid room 18

Source: HouseBeautiful

#20 Arrange the Homework Desk by the Window

The space right next and under the window is perfect for placing a small desk with chair where your child can do their homework. This area will receive lots of natural light and will not be in the way of walking through the room. In this way you create a good place for your child to study peacefully and use space judiciously at the same time.

kid room 11

Source: BHG

As you can see, there are tons of options to choose from in furnishing and decorating your children’s room, even if it is a small one. We hope that you found inspiration in our small kid room storage ideas and you are already remodeling your child’s room to make it less cluttered and more pleasant to live in. Don’t forget to share your little DIY projects with us!

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