Living in a small space is a reality for many families. They cannot afford moving into a larger home and must make a cozy living space out of small rooms with awkward corners and too little storage space. However, where there is a will there is a way. Inspiration, DIY skills and helpful ideas from others will give you great ideas to arrange and furnish your small home so that it does not look so small anymore. Today we will offer you a large and comprehensive list of small space decoration dos in order to help you make the most of your available space.

#1 Arrange Your Home Office In a Niche

Niches are by definition awkward spaces. Some of them are really shallow, so you cannot convert them into a wardrobe or linen cabinet. However, you can install a small desk, a few floating shelves and create your home office where you can work without being disturbed by anyone in your house.

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#2 Place One Large Sofa to Remove Clutter

If you think that miniature seating furniture grouped together in corners will make your small living room appear larger, think again. Many pieces of furniture – no matter how small they are – create clutter. And clutter is the number one enemy of small spaces. Instead, opt for a large and comfortable sofa and a minimalist coffee table.

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#3 Use Floating Shelves

Forget about traditional cabinets and cupboards. In a small room, they will take away valuable floor space. Instead, opt for floating shelves installed on the walls. They do double duty as decorations and storage solution.

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Source: RealSimple

#4 Opt for a Floor Bed

Some small homes do not have only little floor space, but also low ceilings. To avoid the feeling of being cramped in your own bedroom, give up the idea of a lofty bed and go for a floor model, just like you see in exotic resorts and Japanese homes.

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#5 Buy Retro Appliances

Have you noticed how large appliances have got, especially the fridge and the washing machine? A double door fridge will barely fit in a small kitchen, and even a standard one would take too much space. Thankfully, there are still companies designing retro appliances. They work like modern ones, but add a charming look to the kitchen and take up less space.

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Source: Countryliving

#6 Remove Interior Doors

Some interior doors are needed – those to the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. They offer privacy and keep cooking smells away from the rest of the house. What about the other doors? One of the greatest small space decoration dos is to change your mindset about space delimitation in your house. This family, for instance, removed the door between the dining room and the living room, and their home does not look so small anymore.

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#7 Be Creative About Storage Space

One couple had to choose between having a large master bed and no wardrobe and having a small bed and a cupboard in their really tiny studio. They decided to become creative, make no compromises when it comes to comfort and designed a small wardrobe hidden by curtains just behind their master bed. Never forget the importance of letting your imagination run free to find good home decoration ideas.

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Source: HouseBeautiful

#8 Use Clever Separations for Room Functions

In some cases, there is no question about interior doors and walls – you only have one open space studio. How do you maintain privacy in such a small space? With a little creativity, of course. This wooden panel is a good explanation. Without cluttering the place, it makes a strict demarcation between the bedroom and the rest of the living space.

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Source: Freshome

#9 Repurpose the Mudroom

It would be fantastic to keep the mudroom for its intended purpose and avoid getting dirt into the hallway after coming in on a rainy day, but it is not very practical if you have no place to arrange your pantry. With a little DIY work you will be able to arrange a system of shelves which makes the most of the tight space. With some imagination, you may also add a peg or two for umbrellas and raincoats…

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#10 Use Artwork to Create a Charming Sitting Area

Sitting areas in a small home are usually awkward and cramped. They look like a second thought in a cluttered room and guests almost feel sorry that they take up this useful space. However, placing two small armchairs and a coffee table around a window will look as natural as they can be with a few colorful prints and paintings hanging strategically on the walls to create a functional delimitation of the space.

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#11 Think Vertically

In a small space, one of the best visual tricks is to make people look up, towards the ceiling. One great way to achieve this is to choose decorations and artworks which are tall rather than wide. This series of portrait shaped prints are doing a great job at making people direct their looks upwards.

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#12 Opt for Bold Patterns on the Floor

Patterned floors are great for the delimitation of areas with a special function, without using walls or other means of separation. In a small home, where you cannot arrange a proper dining room, an area on the floor with patterned tiles serves this function and creates a visual separation between the table and chairs and the rest of the room.

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Source: RealSimple

#13 Minimalist Home Office

We already talked about using niches for home offices. Some of them are located very awkwardly, that is, right behind a door. That’s when you need to “shave off” details from your original desk plan and go for minimalist furniture and give up every item which is not critical to your work. In other words, keep it simple, neat and you will be able to squeeze a desk, chair and computer even in this really tiny space.

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#14 Extend Rooms Outdoors

If your house has a tiny porch or terrace just in front the kitchen or living room, then you must take advantage of it properly. By installing glass doors and moving a part of your furniture on the deck, you can literally extend your room – on warm spring and summer days, of course. The deck can become either a dining room or a quiet reading corner or even the place where you entertain friends with snacks and board games.

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Source: HouseBeautiful

#15 Find Double Duty Furniture

A bed is a large item for a small home. For this reason, it should be more than just a bed – it must offer you clever storage solutions for linen, towels, books and even clothes. This specific model of bed can hold sufficient items in its drawers to make a wardrobe and cupboard unnecessary in your bedroom.

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Source: Countryliving

#16 Furnish Corners in Unconventional Ways

Corners are so difficult to furnish with traditional pieces of furniture. For this reason, you should forget about tradition and be unconventional, for instance with this pouf armchair which can be arranged in any way to suit the person sitting on it.

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Source: RealSimple

#17 Put Under the Stairs Space to Good Use

A few shelves with decorations on top are both stylish and useful in the tight space under the stairs. You can keep your dishes and silverware, or even towels and linen if you also add a few closed drawers, and thus free up space elsewhere in your house.

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Source: HGTV

#18 Choose a Neutral Color Palette

Neutral colors do not cause eye fatigue and create the illusion of extra space. Think metallic colors, white, beige, cream, grey and a dark wooden or anthracite tone for a little contrast, and you have created the perfect decor to make a small room seem cozy and comfortable.

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Source: Bcliving

#19 Display Your Tableware Artfully

When there is no way to put dishes and bowls away…then create smart shelf systems in the most unexpected places and proudly display these items. Usually, tableware is designed to look as attractive as possible, so you get a win-win situation here.

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Source: Freshome

#20 Install Large Mirrors

Mirrors reflect the space and create the illusion of depth. If they are decorative, as well, they serve a double purpose and replace other decorations.

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Isn’t it amazing how a tiny house can turn into a welcoming and cozy one if you select the right decorations and pieces of furniture? We hope these small space decoration dos will inspire you to make your home the best possible living space for you, your family and your guests.

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