The art of storage in small spaces is narrowed down to two words: organization and multifunction. An organized and tidy home, even though small, can be much more comfortable to live in than a big but disorganized and cluttered room. Below features 20 clever but easy to implement living room storage ideas to get your clutters neat and organized.

1. A multifunctional storing unit that spreads the whole wall

A great way to store a good amount of things in one place. Books, vases, plates, magazines and even your TV could all fir in one storing unit. By gathering everything in one big storing unit, you can have less storage needs elsewhere in the living room, thus leave out more open space.

living room storage ideas

image source

2. Storage benches and couches for more seating and storage

Drawers beneath couches are neat storage room and doesn’t make the living area look crowded. On the other hand, the storage bench version are lovely for spaces near the window, you can easily turn the storage bench into a reading corner that stores books in drawers or boxes right under the bench.

living room storage ideas storage benchimage source

3. DIY storage bench with a shelf and a cushion

You can totally create your own storage bench at minimal costs with just a shelf unit from any store and a big or a few smaller cushions.

living room storage ideas diy storage bench

IKEA shelf unit + cushions

4. Shelves on the door

A door could easily be turned into a book shelf for more storage

living room storage ideas door shelf

Secret door for storage

5. A ceiling storing unit

living room storage ideas ceiling molding shelf

Molding as shelf

6. Find non-traditional space for storage in the living room

Less obvious places such as under the staircase or over the window area can become great storage places with some shelving.

under staircase

under staircase

7. Shelves on the wall

A classic but it works!

Living room shelving

8. Under the coffee table

Coffee tables with shelving or drawers are great storage solutions for your small living room. You can tuck away items such as TV guide, magazines, board games, laptops, etc.

living room storage ideas coffee table drawer shelf

Coffee table with drawers

9. Want even more storage in your sofa table? Buy a trunk to be your sofa table

An antique chest or trunk does not only beautify your living room but also acts as wonderful storage space. You can store items that are not in immediate use in the trunk. However a trunk sofa table will be quite heavy with all the things inside that it will be a bit hard to move.

Rustic trunk table

10. In a grandfather clock

This IKEA grandfather clock is surprisingly roomy and  creative. The name of the clock is IKEA PS PENDEL floor clock and priced at $199.

living room storage ideas

IKEA clock with storage

11. Hide them away

A well hid TV in a book shelf or a wall that comes alive by opening a few doors, with a few doors or curtains, your clutters are well kept away from the naked eyes so that the living room looks neater and more airy. The ultimate “hide” is in the below picture, in which a whole home office is hidden in a cupboard by a door slide!

Hidden home office

12. Use storing unit as a room divider

This would suit perfectly for houses or apartment with open kitchens. A shelf can be used to divide the living area from the kitchen or create a small reading corner.

storage ideas for living room

Shelf as room divider

13. Shelves that can be assembled in different ways

living room storage ideas cupboard flexible

Flexible storage units

14. Decorative cabinets for storage

It could be a painted cabinet that show case beautiful drawings or an antique cabinet that adds character to your living room. Thrift stores and garage sales are wonderful places to seek these charming pieces.

living room storage ideas vintage cabinets

Vintage cabinet

15. Boxes under a shelf or table

living room storage ideas under table boxes

Under table storage

16. Inside an ottoman

living room storage ideas ottoman

Storage ottoman

17. Skirted table

Ugly boxes under the table? Build a nicely skirt that will not only pretty up your table but also hide away your extra storage.

living room storage ideas skirted table

Skirted table

18. A built-in shelf in the sofa

living room storage ideas built in shelf sofa

Sofa with built-in shelf

19. Ladder shelves

 storage ideas ladder shelf

Ladder shelf

20. Nesting tables

These nesting tables are great next to your living room sofa as they can be pulled out if you need extra tabletop surface.

nesting tables for more living room storage

Nesting tables

 21. Extra hooks on bookcase’s side

Want to make use of your bookcase to the fullest? Attach extra hooks or even shelves on its sides for even more storage room!

living room storage ideas hooks side bookcase

Make the most use of your bookcase

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