I’m all about fall home decorations now. It’s not just because that the season is at its height but also because there is the most abundant ornaments that can be collected from the nature in fall. A walk in the forest is not only fun and relaxing but is also a chance for you to stock up a good supply of fall themed decorations such as foliage, acorns, chestnuts and pinecones.

After a long time putting it off, I have decided to do something useful with a bunch of pine-cones that I picked up last weekend. The first thing that came to my mind is a pine cone wreath to update the front door’s look. Below are the top 5 pine cone wreath ideas that have made to my final decision round!

This is the classic look for a pinecone wreath: pine cones all hot glued to a styrofoam wreath. The detail that makes the whole wreath pop and more personalized is the orange burlap ribbon. You can even change the ribbon color if you want to reflect some seasonal changes. This pine cone wreath is from Keep Calm and Decorate and you can also find there a great tutorial on how to create this lovely pine cone and burlap wreath!

diy pinecone wreath ideas ribbon

I love the unique snowflake shape of this pine cone wreath. This pine cone wreath is a charming additional to this rustic blue door. I wish that I would have such a rustic door to decorate my living room with!

diy pinecone wreath ideas christmas 2

Snow flake shaped pine cone wreath

If you want something other than the ordinary round wreaths, try this picture frame pine cone wreath idea from Clover House. You might not even have to buy anything additional to make this wreath as I believe everyone has a few old picture frames that are collecting dust in the cupboard. A high position on my list!

picture frame pine cone wreath diy

This beautiful frosted berry and pine cone wreath is a product from forevermore1 on Etsy. However with a a bit patience and skill, you can recreate this look for your pine cone wreath. I absolutely love the combination of berries and pine cones, would make a perfect Christmas present also!

frosted berry pine cone wreath


via www.etsy.com

Go a bit nutty by combining walnuts, almonds, chestnuts and acorns with pine cones to create this whimsical “squirrels’ food” wreath!

nuts pine cone wreath


via www.etsy.com

Do you have any other pine cone craft ideas that you would want to share? Feel free to leave a comment in the box below to share your ideas to all of us!

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