Many times things that are seemingly useless can have wonderful applications, for example used wine corks can be used in various creative ways. Like wine corks, toilet paper rolls are another throwing away target. However if used rights, they can be great use in making your home neater and organized as organization is the key secret to make your small house or apartment look bigger.

In this article I will feature [number] ways to use toilet paper rolls in organizing your home. After this you might not throw away any used toilet paper rolls any more!

Use toilet paper rolls to organize cables

Do you have a box full of old tangled cables from electronic appliances collected over years? I know I have one and it’s a pain every time I have to find something from that mess. That’s why this toilet paper roll cable organizer tutorial from Instructables is a genius idea that will help storing and finding cables a breeze! You can use a marker or make labels to name and classify each type of cable for easy retrieving later.

toilet paper roll organize cables

Pencil/ scissor holder/organizer from toilet paper rolls

Another way to recycle toilet paper rolls are to make them into a pencil or scissor holder like this. This project is from Crissy’s Crafts and she used the same fabric from her storage corner for this project, which creates a stylish matching look for the corner!

toilet paper roll reuse pencil holder

DIY eyeglass case from a toilet paper roll

If you lack cases for your eyeglasses, you can easily make one yourself by recycling toilet paper rolls. A tutorial from Carolyns homework will teach you how to make this simple yet quality eyeglass case. If you are like me and have a pair of glasses in each room of the house, plus one in my bag and one in the car, you will find this tutorial of super use!

toilet paper roll diy eyeglass holder

 Toilet rolls used to organize ribbons and trims

Used toilet paper rolls act wonderfully as a way to organize your ribbons and trims. This idea comes from Sabor a Cajeta and it’s so simple yet genius! All you have to do is folding and wrapping and whoala! You have neatly folded trims and ribbons ready for use!

toilet paper roll organize ribbons trims

Word list or flash card toilet roll organizer

Never did I know that toilet paper rolls can become such an educational aid! Recyclart came up with a brilliant idea of using toilet rolls to classify flash cards when learning a new language. These word list or flash card organizer can then be pasted or screwed on the wall for ease of access. What a great idea for language learners!

toilet paper roll organize word list flash cards

Have great organization ideas for your used toilet carton rolls? Don’t forget to share by commenting in the below box!

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