Wall decoration stickers have become increasingly popular as they are cheap to buy, easy to use and quick to remove once you are bored with the design. I especially love wall sticker trees as there are so many ways that you can use them outside decorative purposes. You can buy these wall sticker trees from many places online and offline, for instance Ebay, Amazon or Etsy.

There are so many options and designs to choose from and I bet you will find one that fits your room style and color perfectly. Now let’s explore 5 creative ways that your wall sticker tree is both decorative and functional.

#1 – Wall sticker tree shelves

Wall sticker trees and branches are perfect when combining with shelving. These wall tree shelves make shelving much more fun and whimsical and are great for kids’ rooms, as well as any room with contemporary style.

wall sticker tree shelving


via www.houzz.com

#2 – An artful way to display family photos

This must be the best way to create a family tree on your wall!

wall sticker tree family photos

Family tree

via www.walplus.com

#3 – Hang towels and clothes on a tree

A few hooks and knobs and you already have a ultra-creative and unique hanger. This wall sticker tree hanger can be in the hallway for coats, in the bedroom for clothes that is in use or in the bathroom for towels. Smaller wall sticker trees and a few hooks can also be a great way to organize your jewelries and accessories.

wall sticker tree hang clothes towels

Wall sticker tree in the bathroom

via site.inmod.com

#4 – Replace a Christmas Tree

If you are in a place that you can’t buy a real Christmas tree, why not replace it with a Christmas tree on the wall? It does not only save space but also looks more unique and is easy to remove after the holiday is over. Besides you can choose among thousands of Christmas tree designs to make your wall even more stylish.

wall sticker tree christmas

Sticker Christmas Tree

via www.stylishtrendy.com

#5 – To hang kitchen utensils

Another creative way to hang cooking utensils in the kitchen! The picture below showcases small sticker trees. However you can also buy a big sticker tree for the whole wall and display all of your pots and pans there. Great way to decorate and to save space!

wall sticker tree hang kitchen utensils

Cooking utensils on sticker trees

via www.aliexpress.com

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