I love decorations that are eco-friendly and remind me of the nature. And what’s more natural than decorations that come straight from Mother Earth? These collected décors are not only beautiful, full of character but are also perfectly budget-friendly as they are free! So let’s find out what beautiful decorations are available out there and let the collection started.


Pebbles are free and can be found anywhere. If you are living near a river or a spring, a big chance is that you can find thousands of nicely shaped and colored stones for your collection. Wash them, draw your own artwork on them and place them on the windowsill for everyone to admire. They are also fabulous paperweights, door stops and centerpieces for dining tables.

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Dried leaves and flowers

Dried fall leaves and flowers make stunning and free decorations. They are usually preserved by pressing in order not to lose colors or shape. There are a millions of ways you can decorate with dried leaves and flowers: you can frame them and make a wall leaf collection, create a garland or simply use them as centerpieces for your dining table.

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Pinecones instantly give out a rustic and woodland field for any corner of your room. Pinecones make beautiful holiday garlands, front door or any table decorations. For maximum rustic effect, place them in a bamboo bowl, basket or a small wooden box.

free home decorating ideas

Pinecones add instant woodland charm to your windowsill

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I have been collected shells for years. They are available in so many shapes and colors. Like stones, shells can also be used as attractive paperweights.

seashells for beach home decorationimage source

Wooden clothespin

Who would have thought that these old and bleached to almost white by sun would make so unique and charming ornaments? These wooden clothespins are not grown in the nature, but could easily be found from backyards, or given for free from friends and family.

clothespin wreath decoration ideas

Amazing clothespin wreath DIY project from thefrugalhomemaker.com

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Home decorating can be fun, easy and very budget-friendly. Just pay attention to your surroundings and you will even more free home decorating ideas just around your backyard!

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