We always wonder what to buy on Father’s Day. How about we actually make something with our own hands? Of course what we do with our own hands will never be as polished and stylish as something we buy, but the sentimental value cannot be compared. So let’s see what hand-made home décor gifts we can give to our dads.

#1 Whether your father loves a good wine or scotch, a bottle and glasses holder may prove a useful and nice present for your dad.


[image via Downhomeinspiration]

  #2 Remaining at the drinks section, how about a hand-made crate for holding beer bottles or cans? A hand-made crate can have double utility, you can use it to hold your bottles or it can have a purely decorative role. It’s up to you how you design it!


[image via Suburble]



#3 Men always tend to leave their personal stuff around. This year, how about giving your father a masculine ring and watch frame?


[image via Suburble]

 #4 Everyone loves a good game,  your father is probably not an exception. Here are some ideas for hand-made puzzle games!




[images via Suburble]


 [image via Suburble]

 #5 Or perhaps your dad is a sports fan. What do you think about this baseball wall décor for your dad?

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