I guess I’m not the only one having trouble organizing my pantry. So I got myself looking for ways to reorganize the spaces already available in my home so everything I have lying around in the kitchen fits in. I’ve also surfed the web to see if anything promising comes up and I managed to gather a few pantry storage ideas which would help everyone.

#1 The Broom Rack

The first thing catching my eye was that rack on the wall I could hang brooms on. How come I didn’t think about that before. Simple and easy, something I could do myself.


image via Interiorfun

#2 Great Pantry Storage Ideas In Small Form: Shelves

Another great idea for a smaller space this time. You can see how the space is occupied by horizontal and vertical shelves. This is also the perfect solution to turn any space into a pantry, if you don’t have one.


image via Pintrest

#3 Using Every Nook and Corner

While browsing the web, I also found this


image via Buzzfeed

Try putting wood trenchers in the corners in of the pantry to make more room for stuff. Great idea, isn’t it?

#4 Suspended Cabinets

For those of you that have no pantries, but have some suspended cabinets you use to deposit kitchen stuff in, I found this


image via Familyhandyman

#5 Shelves with Storage Boxes

And one more idea on how to organize your pantry: combine shelves with storage boxes to maximize your storage space.



image via Shanty-2-chic

So we’ve seen how to turn a simple space into a pantry and then how to organize it in order to have as much space as possible. Truth is there are so many pantry storage ideas, or ways to create a pantry from scratch, that we just need to put our imagination to work. Hoping this has proven to be a little bit of help, let your imagination do the rest! Imagine and improvise!



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