Making out of carton paper, the LACK sofa table from IKEA has become a phenomenally popular product over the years. Not many people can resist the temptation to buy a coffee table or a side table that costs only somewhere from $5 for the simplest model to $40 for the bigger and more polished looking model.

However as the LACK table is no “Limited edition”, the problem is that you might risk having the same table with some other million households all over the world. Luckily, with some creativity, some simple tools and a bit of extra time, you can easily personalize your LACK table. In this post I will introduce 5 super creative DIY projects to hack the small IKEA LACK table (the version whose price never exceeds $15!).

LACK table turned into stylish ottomans

Don’t you just love these stylish stripped ottomans? They are actually created from IKEA LACK side tables that are $8 each. Turned To Design has a detailed tutorial on how to create these fabulous DIY ottomans. With some camping foam, spray adhesive, batting and fabric, she was successful in turning boring looking LACK side tables into these pretty and stylish ottomans!

ikea lack sofa table ottoman diy project

IKEA LACK table into ottomans


Studded side table from 2 IKEA LACKs

This might be one of my favorite IKEA LACK hacks ever! Using one full LACK side table and a table top from the other, combined with a handful of nail heads, Erin from Clementine and olive managed to create this beautiful side table that totally beats the expensive side table from Clayton Grey.

ikea lack diy project studded side table

Studded side table


Gold glamor to IKEA LACK table

If you feel like your iconic LACK side table needs to be dressed up, try California Home Design’s tutorial on how to add some golden charm to the typical LACK table. The black color acts as a great background for the studs and table top.

There are different ways that this project can vary. For example instead of the gold fabric that is used in the below picture, you can also use a piece of wallpaper of your favorite color and patterns.

ikea lack diy project gold table

Golden LACK


LACK table with decorative brass corners

If you love the look of these enhanced LACK tables, there is no excuse for not creating one yourself as this project is dead simple, and extremely budget-friendly! The decorative brass corners can be purchased from hardware stores or from Amazon for less than $7 per 8 pieces. More picture and some more instructions of this nifty project can be found on Little Green Notebook.

ikea lack table diy project brass corners

Charming brass corners


Faux Native Table

What Else Michelle offers a fabulous tutorial on creating this unique (and kind of beach-themed) rope-covered side table from a simple small IKEA LACK. I have two small LACK side tables collecting dusts in the storage room and this might be a perfect weekend project! I could see that this is not a quickie though, however the result looks so amazing, especially if you are into rustic or beach house style decorations.

ikea lack table diy project ropes

Beach-themed LACK table?


From simple to complicated, there are so many ways you can play with the typical IKEA lack side table to create unique and creative designs of your own. Feel inspired? If you have any fabulous ideas for more IKEA hacks, don’t hesitate to share with everyone by commenting in the box below!

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