When we live in a small house and we have a baby on the way or a newborn, we first have to think about how to arrange the nursery. Babies need so many things from clothes to diapers that we need to think where they’d all fit within a small room. Browsing through the web I found a few ideas on how to arrange the nursery so that you and your baby still feel comfortable.

#1 We all know we need to have a closet to keep all the baby’s things. What we can also do is to use the door to hang some shelves where we can put other useful things like powder, creams and even baby bottles. We can also organize the closet in a manner that clothes occupy as little room as possible.


[image via The Avid Appetite]


#2 We can also use the door to hang different sizes of shoes organizers where we can put everything we need to keep at hand.



[image via Pinterest]

#3 We can mount on the wall some racks to hang clothes on. The shelf may also be used to keep baby bottles or monitors.


[image via Buzzfeed]


#4 For those who have more room, one of the walls of the nursery can be used to place a cabinet. You can organize it as you want, by creating as many drawers as you need.



[image via Flickr]



[image via TwoTwentyOne]

#5 (picture above) Inside-the-wall closets occupy less space and provide a great place for nursery storage. With a little of arranging, all your baby’s tiny items will fit in behind this hidden door.

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