The living room is a room for socializing with family and friends. It is the quiet place where we take refuge in the evening to read a book and watch a movie. This is a room where you should feel relaxed and at ease. It certainly should not feel small and cramped, even if it is a small one. There are lots of tricks you can use to make your living room look bigger. The eyes can be easily tricks with the right combination of colors and patterns and by making the most of natural light. Here are five quick tips to make your living room feel spacious and airy.

#1 Pick Curtains of the Same Color as the Walls

If the curtains and the walls are of the same color, they will blend in nicely and will make the windows stand out. As an extra tip, use light fabrics for the curtains and keep them pulled back during the day. You want to let as much sunlight as possible into the room to make it feel bigger.

living 1

Source: Expert Home Tips

#2 Choose Carpets with Stripes

Vertical stripes make a room feel longer and horizontal ones make it look wider. Depending on the shortcomings of your room, pick carpets with stripes in the adequate direction and note the visible change in how it appears after you place them in the room.

living 2

Source: Buzzfeed

#3 Install a Large Mirror

Mirrors reflect the light and the space in front of them and create the illusion of depth. For added effect, install a mirror in a frame resembling a window or a French door. The room in this photo is smaller than it looks, but the large mirror makes all the difference in the world.

living 3

Source: HGTV

#4 Place Oversized Artwork on the Walls

Here is a secret: placing small photos and paintings on the walls actually makes a room look smaller than it is. People’s eyes are alerted to the small dimensions by these puny decorations. Instead, pick one large and eye arresting painting or blown photo and put it on the wall where you want all eyes to be directed. By making this bold move, your guests will only notice the beautiful artwork, not the size of the room.

living 4

Source: Decoratingwithless

#5 Pick Raised Furniture

Any piece of furniture in a small room should have legs and not sit directly on the floor. Chairs, armchairs, tables and sofas – they should all have empty space beneath them. It may not seem significant, but this actually makes people see the room larger than it is.

living 5

Source: Grandparents

Finally, remember to pull furniture away from the walls. This habit does not create a lot of extra walking space, but it makes people notice how small the room is. These simple tricks should be enough to make your living room look bigger and allow you to invite friends over without worrying about the space you have available for your dinner party. As always, it is the host that makes the house, and not the other way round. Good luck!

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