I have heard and seen the question “Can I put a couch in the bedroom?” many times, and today I decide to solve this question in this post. Yes, you can have a couch in the bedroom if you have enough space, or the couch is small enough.

Having a couch in the bedroom can be a useful and fun thing. It can act as sleeping space for guests, a place for reading in quietness and privacy. However it is more of a “nice-to-have” thing and a luxury for small houses and flats.

Below are 5 most popular ways to place a small couch in the bedroom. I hope this can help you visualize how the couch would look in your bedroom, and from there find a suitable couch model and a good space for it.

At the end of the bed

An additional living area can be created by placing the sofa at the end of the bed. However you would need a quite big bedroom for this to work.

small couch for bedroom ways to place 1

by Elle decor

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In the corner of the bedroom

Choose a small corner couch or an arm chair whose shape fits in well with a corner in your bedroom. This can create a lovely reading corner in your bedroom.

small couch for bedroom corner


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Next to the windows

Lean and slim couches can go along the window. This can even work with small bedrooms, especially if the couch you choose is long and lean.

small couch for bedroom window


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Under sloped ceiling

You can super lucky if you have a sloped ceiling or an awkward corner in the bedroom like in the picture below. Those little awkward places that are too small and weirdly shaped for a wardrobe or a bed can be a great place for your couch. I always wish to have such a cozy corner to snuggle up with a blanket and a book in cold winter nights.

small couch for bedroom sloped ceiling


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Buy a couch with built-in storage

With a small bedroom, storage is never enough. So if you decide to put a couch in your bedroom, it’s worth it to get one with built-in storage. These storage bench can be placed at the foot of your bed or next to the window.

small couch for bedroom storage


via www.mazeltovfurniture.com

The most important thing is to examine your bedroom carefully, look for space that could accommodate a small couch or ways that you can move things around to accommodate it. Also remember to take into account the style of the whole bedroom when choosing a couch, the couch adds style to the bedroom, either by standing out or complementing the color scheme.

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