When living in a small house or apartment the storage space is quite limited. However, the garage can be turned into a great storage place. Due to all the new technology and stores that supply materials we can build our own shelves, racks and cabinets depending on the space we have. I searched for a few do-it-yourself ideas that would help you maximize your garage space by partitioning the walls or the space on the walls.

#1 First of all, let’s take a look at a garage organization idea. Having a panoramic view of the space we’re about to organize is the perfect way to start a successful DIY project. We easily see how many cabinets or shelves we can place along the walls which will give us a good idea about what and how to store in our garage apart from what it is designed for: vehicles.


[image via DIYncrafts]

#2 Many of us have bikes. Why not keep them in the garage?  A simple way of storing them in the garage is by building a bike rack from a few wood planks. All we need is some wood, nails and a hammer.



[image via Flickr]

 #3 This is not exactly a DIY project, but we can build one from wood. This is the perfect garage storage solution for a very small place. Basically, we can make everything fit against one wall.



[image via DIYncrafts]


#4 Here’re a few ideas on how to put shelves on your garage walls. This is probably the simplest and fastest way to create storage space in your garage.


 [image via DIYncrafts]



#5 Boxes – Boxes are the greatest invention ever! Coming in all sizes, shapes and colors they can be used for storage in every corner of the house. Even in the garage!


[image via Bhg]


#6 Here’s my favorite! Rolling cabinets. Great for garage storage. Not only we can put everything we want in them, but we can also move them around to make more room.



 [image via Hometalk]

There’s actually a lot of space for storage, even in the smallest garage. Just with a bit of handwork and a bit of organizing, you will find your perfect garage storage solution.

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