We all have our passions or hobbies which we try to make real. Some of us are outdoor persons, while others are indoor persons. Today I’ll address indoor persons, ladies who love spending their time inside their homes, to be more specific. From my little research, ladies love to sew. I guess we all like to think about ourselves as designers, but on a smaller scale. And it is good. It is good to put your creativity to work and design your own clothes. Of course, those of you who have taken their sewing hobby to the next level have even organized their own sewing room, their little relaxation oasis. Truth be told, we all need a place where we can escape. So this is for you, ladies: a few ideas for a sewing room fitting your small living space without creating a clutter.

#1 All Ideas for a A Sewing Room Start Here

Organizing the available space is the first step no matter how you have planned your sewing room.. This a great idea. You can place a small cabinet or a closet where you can accommodate the fabrics, the spools and everything else you need. I love the big letters “SEW” on top of everything, I think they look really nice.


image via Craftapple

#2  The Professional’s Corner

This is for those who make a living out of sewing. Working from the comfort of your own home and making your own schedule is actually great. I can tell you that from my own experience. So this is a nice way of arranging all your sewing gear and even labeling it so you don’t spend too much time looking for what you need.


image via Olabelhe

#3 Small Space? No Problem!

For those of you with little space to waste on storing fabrics for your sewing hobby, you can build a small closet with sliding drawers. This is a great idea, especially if you also have this many fabrics as in the picture.


image via Thescrapshoppblog

#4 Bins and Cabinets

A variation from the previous ideas: a small closet where you can put all the boxes you keep your sewing spools. This looks really neat and tidy and will certainly help you find whatever you need when you need it.


image via Sewmanyways

#5 An idea for Generous Spaces

If you are lucky enough to have a larger room available, you can really put a strict order in all your supplies for sewing. It looks like a professional designer’s workshop, doesn’t it?


image via Mrspollyrogers

# 6 Tightly Stored and Neat

Finally something for a small home. You can place a ladder or a rack like the one in the picture on the door and hang all your fabrics there.


image via Thecarbajals

I think we’ve gone through some interesting ideas for  a sewing room, so now all you have to do is let your inner Coco Chanel shine!


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