Dorm storage space…it sounds like a paradox, doesn’t it? Because there is hardly any space available in a dorm room. And you are supposed to keep your belongings, your study books and computer in there. Oh, and you’re also supposed to be able to walk freely without tripping on various things. Well, where there is a will there is a way, so here are a few practical ideas to organize your things in a small dorm room.

#1 Keep the Shoes Under the Bed

Check this out! Who would have thought we could hang a shoes organizer on our bedside? Discreet and simple. What more could a girl wish for? Of course, boys can also use this idea (I just think girls’ shoes look nicer, this is why I used this photo).


image via Pintrest

#2  Keep Your Jewelry on a Rack

I also found this site for mommies with teenage girls. However, this idea works great for a dorm room as well. And with a little imagination, you can use this rack to keep other things, such as keys, pens, pencils, USB sticks and other knickknacks.


image via Teagreenchandelier

It also gives your dorm room a cool, hippie look.

#3 Suitcases Are Great to Maximize Dorm Storage Space

I have found several websites that gave me this idea. Vintage suitcases, especially. They make great storage spaces and cool table tops at the same time.


image via Teagreenchandelier

You can keep your books, have your late evening tea in bed and have tons of stuff packed inside the suitcase.

#4 Books and Knickknacks Fit Together

This simple bookshelf can be fitted in any dorm room (guaranteed). If you make sure that you use every possible inch of storage space, you can keep a lot of stuff in it (I also think you can store things you do not need often on top of it).


image via Hometalk

Just look how many boxes are stored in this photo. Possibly, all your off season clothes can fit in them.

#5 Make a Coat Rack by the Closet

Another idea for small dorm rooms is to add a coat rack to hang your clothes on outside the closet to keep more clothes readily available:


image via Buzzfeed

#6 Bins Galore!

Honestly, if you know how to manipulate every corner and all the vertical space in a dorm room, you will never complain that it is too small to keep your things. These bins atop the clothes rack are simple and easy to install and they can help you organize your clothes by color or season, as you wish.


image via Lillamblost

Hopefully, I managed to show you suitable and pleasant looking, but most of all useful ideas for every student living in a dorm room. As you have seen, the dorm storage space you have available is larger than you thought….you just need to know how to use it.


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