If you are lucky to live in a house with a basement, then you must know how to make use of each inch of available space. So, today I will try to give you a few helpful ideas to organize your basement and remove unnecessary clutter from your living room and bedroom. While some of these ideas may require a little DIY work, the end result will be worth your time and effort.

Therefore, here are a few practical ways to turn your basement into a useful storage space:

#1 Bicycle Rack and Storage Room

Here’s a great idea to transform your basement into a small garage where you can keep your bikes. By adding some shelves you will also be able to prioritize the things you want to store: you could keep small objects in the boxes and mount a tool rack to keep your tools handy. Also you can add some heavy duty hooks for various heavy items. An all these only take up one single basement wall.


image via Dyincrafts

#2 Another Idea to Organize Your Basement

Here’s a great idea on how add more storage space to your basement: by simply adding some shelves to the ceiling. In this way, you make use of every single inch of space which cannot be used in any other manner, and you save the floor and walls for other purposes. You can add more racks and create a modular structure to maximize the use of your basement.


image via Hative

#3 Remove Clutter from Your Kitchen

Have you ever thought about keeping all you kitchen utensils, pots, blenders and shedders in the basement? Just ad a few hygienic aluminum shelves and you can safely store these items and have them ready for use at any moment. Just imagine how much space you can free in your kitchen!


image via Thekitchn

#4 The Tidy Person’s Heaven

This looks so perfectly organized, that it does not look totally real. It takes lots of work to find the right place for each item and pack everything neatly together. I am not sure I would have the patience to do this, though…


image via Littleredhen

#5 Organizing Shared Space

This is a great solutions if you are sharing a house with several colleagues and you need to make good use of the shared space in the basement. Everyone has their container with the name written on it and can keep various knickknacks to avoid clutter in the bedroom.


image via Diydesignfanatic

#6 DIY Shelves

How about transforming your basement into a pantry? Of course you will need to work a bit to design and craft the shelves, but the beauty of it is that you can make exactly how many you need and in whatever configuration suits your tastes and available space.


image via Hative

Now that you have finished reading this article, it’s time to organize your basement and make your house look less cluttered.

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