I am a great fan of attic remodeling ideas, because I love attics. Even if I live in an apartment that does not have an attic, I love looking at other people’s attic decoration and remodeling projects. Some turn attics into bedrooms, orthers simply use them as storage spaces. I also found a few ideas of transforming an attic depending on your needs. So let’s see what you could change about your attic or how you could remodel it.

#1 Less Clutter Downstairs

For those of you in need of more space here’s a great idea on how to organize the storage space within your attic. You could build some shelves or create spaces where to place storage boxes, either way you should have plenty of space for storage.


image via IHeartOrganizing

#2 Modular Storage Space

Another attic storage idea could be this simple but effective use of modular shelves and cabinets:


image via Pintrest

This a bit more chic. You could transform your attic into a small living room with a built-in storage space. It is also very useful for those of you who simply want a recreation room.

#3 Maximize Space Usage in Attic Remodeling

Here, all space, including the sharp angles, are effectively used:


image via Pintrest

This one is simple and effective. Just like the one above, you could use your attic as a room and as a storage space to avoid clutter.

#4 Your Quiet Work Space at Home

Now let’s see some remodeling ideas for your attics. I really like this  one:


image via Pintrest

You could use the space to create a built-in desk. If you have kids, this is the perfect place: both secluded and quiet.

#5 Move Your Clothes Upstairs

Have you ever thought you need more space for clothes? I always have that problem. Unfortunately, I don’t have an attic. But for those of you who do, here’s a nice idea on how to maximize a small attic. With a bit of imagination you could also arrange some space for shoes.


image via Andreagary

#6 Have a Library in the Attic

One of my favorites! Turning the attic into a library like this:


image via Buzzfeed

Doesn’t it look great? Those who love books should definitely consider this idea!

#7 Your Own Bedroom

And more idea about how to transform a little attic into a bedroom. Nice and cosy!


image via Buzzfeed

So we’ve taken a simple attic space and turned it into a storage space, library, study and bedroom. Of course, there are always more room for other attic remodeling ideas, you just have to use your imagination.

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