When living in a small house or apartment every little space can be maximized and used as a storage facility. This time we’ll take a look at a few bold ideas on how to use the space below our staircase. We’ll start with the simple ones and work our way up to creating another bedroom or a study right below the stairs!

#1 This is the first and the simplest way or organizing our basement staircase. Placing few customized shelves where we can store things is the simplest under stair storage idea.


[image via Pinterest]


#2 Moving to the ground floor, we can organize our under stair space with few shelves and we can also illuminate the space if we want to use it as a showcase or as a cabinet. Below we can even ad some drawers.


[image via Pinterest]


#3 For those of you with little room below the staircase, a small storage place where you can keep few pairs of shoes is perfect.


 [image via Shelterness]


#4 A shoes drawer right under the staircase. Built in different sizes, this is quite functional.



 [image via Buzzfeed]


#5 Moving to bolder ideas and bigger space, you can build a slide-in cabinet. This is a great idea for those who have a big family.



[image via Pinterest]


#6 Sometimes we can use the under stair space to build a pantry.



[image via Pinterest]


#7 And last but (definitely) not least check out these ideas on how to use your under stair space! You can fit one whole home office or a cozy reading corner under those stairs!


[image via Pinterest]


[image via Pinterest]



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