Clothes, shoes, bags, belts and other accessories…they are objects we cannot live without and which we keep buying, without parting with the old ones. After some years, we find our homes crowded by all these items, and, as wardrobes and closets are filled up, we end up leaving clothes and bags on chairs, sofas and even on the bed. However, if we use some ingenious closet storage ideas, most of these objects can be neatly fitted inside the closet, clearing up the space in the room.

Let us discover some of the easiest and most space saving closet arrangements:

#1 Clever Partitions

If you leave the closet area without shelves and partitions, you will only make use of the floor and, possibly, the inner walls. However, with a rigorous partition system, you can create custom spaces for hangers, shoes, bags and folded clothes. Look how many items are arranged in this closet!

neatly-folded-closet_300Image source: Realsimple

#2 The Best Closet Storage Ideas Are Simple: Can Tabs

All those tabs from soda and beer cans can become very useful for storing more clothes in your closet. Put one tab on each hanger and you can add another hanger to it. Thus, you double the number of clothes in your closet. Simple and ingenious, right?


Image source: Buzzfeed

#3 Turn Every Recess into a Closet

Is that space too tight to fit a fridge or the washing machine? Then why don’t you turn that recess into a closet? You can make the best use of the available vertical space by arranging several shelves and shoe boxes and neatly packing your clothes inside them.


Image source: Stylecaster

#4 Add Extra Hooks for Bags

Maybe you don’t have any more room for extra hangers for your shirts and coats, but you can certainly keep some bags in the closet. Buy a few metallic hooks and free up some room in the house. It is really as simple as this to make the most of your closet storage space.


Image source: Realsimple

#5 Set Up a Metallic Clothes Rack

Find inspiration in clothes store. They need to display as many clothes as possible in the available space. So they use long metallic racks where tens of hangers can be fitted without problem. Why wouldn’t you do the same? It takes up very little space in a corner of the room. And look how many clothes you can keep on it!


Image source: Stylecaster

#6 Make Every Inch Count

Metallic grids and separators can turn a disorganized closet into a neat one, where you can fit so many bags, shoes and clothes! This can be an exciting DIY project to take up during the cold and rainy autumn days. Take out a tape measure, decide how many items you want to fit inside the closet and start designing your own partition system.


Image surce: TheGlitterGuide

#7 Use Shoe Boxes to Keep Folded Clothes

Folded clothes arranged on shelves can take up a lot of space and leave you with many other t-shirts and skirts which you cannot put away anywhere else. However, look how many clothes can be fitted inside a shoe box and the neat arrangement of boxes on the shelves!


Image source: Buzzfeed

So, now you know how to make better use of every inch of space in your home. We hope that these closet storage ideas really help you clear up your room and keep all your clothes neatly folded and stored.

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