Hats are more than a clothing item to cover and protect our head from rain, cold or scorching sun. Hats are a fashion statements. There are famous persons we can recognize from the hats they wear. All in all, hats are a way of expressing our style, personality and they need to be properly stored so they do not get damaged over time. So, today we will present you some great hat storage ideas.

#1 For the Baseball Caps Fans

Some people collect these hats just as others collect stamps or toy trains. If your cap collection is large enough that you could open a store, these drawers are a very good storage option. You keep your caps well organized and they will not get bent out of shape. Now, pick your favorite cap for today!


image via Pintrest

#2 Elegant Hat Storage Idea: the Vertical Hanger

This combines practicality with decoration: the vertical hanger allows you to display your best looking hat as decorations for your home and helps you keep them out of the way at the same time. The only worry is taking care to brush them every once in a while to avoid them catching dust.


image via Pintrest

#3 The Color Code

Use she organizers to place your collection of caps in a great chromatic order. Just looking at these caps makes me want to buy a few – not to wear, but to display them in my home. Even the dullest looking room will look bright and fresh with this cap collection.


image via Pintrest

#4 Clip It

This is your cue to get creative. You will need a simple curtain hanger, some rope and laundry hooks. You can use a neutral set of colors, or use colored rope and hooks to create the look you prefer and keep your hats well organized.


image via Bloglovin

#5 The Cap Hanger

If you are just starting your cap collection, this idea will work for a while. Add curtain hooks to a coat hanger and hook your caps by the barrette at the back. Simple and efficient, right?


Image via Highlightideas

# 6 The Hat Tree

Do you enjoy those great looking hat displays in stores? You can have them at home, too. They can be found in furniture and home improvement stores, you you can improvise them with oval shapes connected to each other, each with 3-4 hooks for hats on them.


image via Stylebeatblog

#7 The Hat Chain

Now, this is really practical if you really have no more room to store your hats. Hang a chain in your closet and use curtain hooks to keep your hats safe and well organized.storage-ideas-for-hats

image via Gailcarriger

As you can see, you can become as creative as you wish. Hats can be either proudly displayed or kept away in a close, as you prefer. Do you have other cool hat storage ideas that you would like to share with us?

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