Belts are more than useful accessories to keep our trousers safe around our hips. They express our mood of the moment, they are cool fashion statements and they are a great way to change the look of an outfit you have worn before. But when it comes to finding a good place to store your belts…well, that’s another story, but one I will tell you today.

I have been researching and found so many cool ideas for storing belts in a way that doesn’t create clutter around your house and even looks good as a stand alone decorative piece! Here are my top 7 favorite ideas to store belts.

#1 The Collector’s Display

I can see enough belts here to open a belt store, but I guess the owner wouldn’t bear to part with any of them. So, if you have more belts than you can count on your fingers and toes, this is a very good storage idea.


image via Scathinglybrilliant

#2 The Organized Way to Store Your Belts

This belt storage idea is for organized persons. It takes time, dedication and lots of love for belts to keep them so neat and tidy. But the end result looks very good!


image via Smallroomstumbler

#3 Making Good Use of Small Spaces

This is a practical idea if you have just a little spare room in the closet. Possibly, look for thinner clasps if you prefer minimalist belts. Otherwise, these look very practical.


image via Etsy

#4 Hook Them Up

Not a fashion statement, but these hooks do their job. After all, if  you think about it, this the cheapest and the most practical idea for belt storage. You can hang those anywhere in the room or in the closet. You will find this type of bar with hooks at Ikea.


image via Ikea

#5 The Mannikin

I just love this! A tailor’s mannikin will help you store belts, jewels, hats and other accessories on. It doesn’t occupy too much room and it also looks really classy and fashionable.

storage-idea-for-beltimage via Pintrest

#6 The Hide Away Rack

This can be a great DIY project for a rainy weekend. Plus, you can leave a little space and add more hooks as your belt collection grows. Find a good slide in and out system, and you can tuck it inside your wardrobe.


image via Bhg

#7 Combining Utility with Decoration

This is another idea in the DYI category. Take a look at this site and learn how to build those cute owls which will keep your belts safe.



image via Carbonchic

I hope that at least one of the ideas to store your belts which I presented here works for you and that soon you will share with us the photos of your room and impressive belt collection.

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