Girls can never have too many clothes or shoes. However, when it comes to storing them, we do have too many and don’t know where or how to put them so they all fit in. And this is how dilemmas appear even for small issues such as how to store scarves without jumbling them together.

As we all girls know, we must have enough scarves to match or complement our outfit.  I, for example, was always complaining that I don’t have enough scarves. Until one day I realized that I had so many, I didn’t know where to put them: no room in the closet, no room on the hallway or anywhere else around the house. I decided to keep them in a bag, but that wasn’t a good a idea. So let’s see some cool ideas on how to store our scarfs.

#1 A Simple Coat Rack

I’ll start with a simple and practical idea: add a coat rack to a shelf, just like in the image below. The great thing about it is that you can hang it anywhere in the house.


image via Hobbylobby

#2 Pigeon Holes Cupboard to Store Scarves

This a bit more elaborate, but I like the vintage look. You could take some simple shelves, turn them around and nail them to the wall. This pigeon hole cupboard is very useful for storing other small items, not just scarves.


image via Rainonatinroof

#3 Reinventing the Shoe Organizer

The now classic or usual shoes organizer can have multiple purposes and uses. Whether you hang it by the door or on the wall, it’s a very practical and cheap scarf storage idea.


image via Danimiller

#4 The Hook Hanger

This is called a scarf hanger. You can find it in many furniture stores. It is easy to install, it does not take up a lot of space and you can keep a lot of scarves neatly organized on it.


image via Indulgy

#5 Climbing Up for the Scarves

I would have never thought about this! Use a ladder as scarf storage device. I will admit it, though, it is quite bold. Do have a ladder around and don’t know what to do with it? Here’s an idea!


image via Buzzfeed

#6 The Simplest Idea – the Coat Hanger

If you don’t have that many scarfs you could use a few coat hangers. I think this is also the simplest way to keep them in the closet.


image via Buzzfeed

#7 Clothes Pins

This one is downright ingenious and it goes into the DIY category: take a wooden plank, hang it on your bedroom door and glue some clothes pins.


image via Brit

I hope you like these ideas, but most of all, hope you can find at least one of them useful. You can now store scarves neatly and buy as many as you want because you can always expand these storage ideas around your house.


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