Living in a small home is a constant fight over space with all the items invading it. Clothes, books, decorations, children’s toys, dishes and cutlery, all these are necessary and take up space. In order to store them, people buy wardrobe, cabinets, shelves and all these extra pieces of furniture further intrude on your available space to move around in your apartment. However,  what if you made sure that each piece of furniture can be used for more than one purpose, dispensing thus with some pieces of furniture? Today we will show you some of the most ingenious double duty furniture ideas we’ve come across.

#1 The Ottoman with Storage Space

These lovely and elegant velvet ottomans hide a secret…literally. If you lift the seat, you will discover a storage space where you can keep various small items, such as children’s toys, Christmas decorations or even books.

double duty 6

Source: BHG

#2 Multi-Purpose Sectional Sofa

This special sofa model is everything you may need: sectional, double bed, suspended bunks, sofa and ottoman…Its extensive flexibility in creating various seating or sleeping solutions makes it a must have for really small homes.


Source: NYcitywoman

#3 Bed and Storage

There is absolutely no excuse for not owning a bed with storage space underneath. That space is absolutely unusable in any other way, so you should not waste it. You can keep all your bed sheets and pillow cases neatly organized, along with your pajamas and even a few books for those nights when you find it hard to fall asleep.

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Source: Bobvila

#4 The Sofa With Storage Crates

Rattan storage crates are both practical and decorative. Find 4-5 of the same model and in the same color as your sofa, and you have created a seating and storage solution at the same time. Now you can get rid of one storage cabinet and have more free space in your living room. As an extra tip, you should opt for an extensible sofa, which can turn into a bed for the occasional overnight guest.

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Source: Popsugar

#5 Bed and Desk

If you are working from home, this is the ideal solution to minimize the usage of space by combining your bedroom and home office in one room. This creative solution involves a tilting bed which turns into a desk. In a few simple moves, you can make the transition from your work desk during the bed to a comfortable bed for the night. Simple and space saving – plus it really looks good!

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Source: NYcitywoman

#6 Retro Look and Space Saving

Coffee tables are very decorative and give an elegant look to any room, but they are not very practical for anything except for, well, having coffee. This depends on what type of coffee table you buy. If you scour the antique shops, you will certainly find a retro table from the times when people combined practicality with elegance. Thus, you will have a lovely wooden table with drawers, where you can keep your coffee cups, towels, books or children’s toys.

double duty 7

Source: BHG

#7 Hide-a-Bed

If you simply have no room for a regular sized bed in your tiny room, you could settle for an extendable sofa, or you could opt for a pull-out bed. This type of double duty furniture is very popular among people who want to have everything close at hand – books, clothes, etc. The bed is practically hidden inside the main body of the bookshelf when it is not used, or it can be half-pulled out to serve as reading sofa.

double duty 4

Source: HGTV

Thus, with a little ingenuity and, maybe, some DYI work, you can furnish your house in an efficient and space saving manner. You will have enough storage space for all your items, and you will also enjoy enough free space to walk around your apartment or studio. And even if you manage to upgrade to a larger home, it still makes sense to keep your double duty furniture and not overcrowd your more spacious room.

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