Bathroom and kitchen are the two places in your house that look old and tired the fastest. Renovating a bathroom is a big and costly home improvement project. You don’t have to redo all the tiles and fixtures to upgrade your bathroom. Today article features 7 easy and effective tricks to make your bathroom look more expensive without burning a hole in your pocket.

Use wall paper

A striking color wall paper will upgrade any room. This is especially true for bathrooms where wallpapers are not traditionally utilized. You don’t have to wallpaper your whole bathroom, only a wall or two would be enough to upgrade its look. Just remember to buy washable wallpapers and avoid wallpapering near the shower or areas with a lot of steam or water spraying.

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Keep it clean and well lit

This is probably the easiest and cheapest way to make your bathroom look more expensive. A dirty bathroom is not only unhygienic but also ugly aesthetically. Stains on white bathroom fixtures are easy to spot and make your bathroom look rundown and tacky. With a few simple tips and tricks, you can keep your bathroom tidy, spotless and more expensive looking.

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A grand expensive looking focal point

A focal point can be in the middle of the bathroom or the most eye-catching item in your bathroom. Consider investing a bit for this piece to make it look grand and prominent. Once you have a grand focal point, everything else can be kept basic and simple. If your sink is in the middle of the bathroom, consider having a big grand expensive looking mirror over it. Big mirrors with engraved thick frames are great attention-grabbers that would make your bathroom effortlessly glamorous.

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Antique or unique looking decorations

Antique looking figures in your bathroom create a luxurious look and feel. Don’t be scared to show case your creativity and artful decorations, any little details that personalize your bathroom will make it look more special and the low cost items you buy from chain stores would look less standard.

how make bathroom expensive decorations

Paintings add an artistic and personalized touch

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New hardware and paint to your cabinets

Your old bathroom cabinets are dragging the whole look down? Why not considering giving them a small makeover? One or two coats of paint or a layer of wallpaper would give those old cabinets a whole new look with minimal costs.

how to make bathroom more expensive cabinetimage credited to housetohome

Furnish and decorate your bathroom with a theme

A specific theme will give out a special “designer home” feel, which will upscale your bathroom. An easy and cheap to achieve is a spa-themed bathroom, which does not only make your bathroom look more luxurious but also calming and relaxing. With a few candles, flowers, stones, white towels and expensive looking soap bottles, you can easily create a more calming and spa-like atmosphere for your bathroom.

bathroom with white towelsimage credited to apartmenttherapy

Style your bathroom with shower curtains

Shower curtains are an easy way to style your bathroom as they are cheap, easy to put up and replace. There are also a wide range of shower curtain styles to choose from. Personally I love the ruffled shower curtain in the picture below. Amazing that just a small piece of fabric would be such an attention stealer!

how to make bathroom more expensive ruffled shower curtainimage source

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