Whether you live in a bachelor studio or a student housing facility,  there is one thing which all these have in common: small kitchens. If you love to cook your own meals and you own a quantity of pots, pans and other kitchen utensils, it can be challenging to organize a small kitchen properly. Some items remained packed up in boxes, others you will give away to friends because there is simply no way to store all of them in your kitchenette.

However, with a little effort and inspiration, you can make the most of your available space and be the top chef in your small kingdom. Here are a few helpful ideas I have found:

#1. Take Advantage of Every Inch of Space


Source: Houzz

Look at the neat shelves installed on the small available area between the walls and window. You can keep your glasses and coffee cups safely on these shelves and have them ready whenever you need them.

#2 Quick Idea to Organize a Small Kitchen: Lid Racks


Source: Martha Stewart

This is very easy to do by yourself. Install simple metal racks on the inside of cabinet doors and store all your lids there. Thus you can make the best use of your cabinet space.

#3 A Cool Idea: Magnetic Spice Racks on the Fridge


Source: Instructables

We all love to stick various decorative magnets on the fridge. Why wouldn’t we also stick something useful, such as these nice spice racks. As you get your ingredients from the fridge to cook, you can also take the necessary spices. Handy, isn’t it?

#4 Hanging Pots and Pans


Source: Bed, Bath and Beyond

We see these in posh kitchens in celebrity homes and Hollywood movies, but why shouldn’t you enjoy a bit of affordable luxury and save some space? This hanger for pots and pans can be placed conveniently above the area where you prepare food, ready to take and use.

#5 Under Sink Cabinet


Source: Family Handyman

This requires some DIY work, but you will be able to store all your cleaning materials in this space under the sink which is usually not used. It is also a safe way to store detergents, away from food and spices.

#6 Slide Our Shelves in the Pantry


Source: Houzz

Every kitchen has a small recess or pantry. Usually, you cannot store a lot of things in this space, but if you install this clever system of slide in and out shelves…you can see for yourself how many things can be kept in there.

#7 Foldable Table


Source: Overstock

This is a very practical way to save space when you do not need to sit at the table. Once you finished eating breakfast, you can fold the table against the wall and save some space.

I hope that you find at least some of these idea useful and applicable. Of course, you can always use your own imagination and create your own ways to organize a small kitchen and create a pleasant and ergonomic space for cooking and eating.



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