Although fashions come and go, certain decoration ideas are timeless and make our houses look cool, warm and with a personality of their own. Animal art decor, if we think carefully, goes back to the first humans living in caves and drawing hunting scenes. These days, we are still hanging paintings with hunting scenes, but I was thinking of something more peaceful and friendly in terms of animal art decor ideas.

Therefore, after looking around for inspiration, I have found these interesting ideas which you may like to try at home.

#1 The Rooster Made of Buttons

What do you think about this? We all have mismatched buttons lying in drawers, don’t we? At least, I do, lots of them. This is a very creative way of giving them a new life and making them a work of art. Plus, once you’ve drawn the shape of the rooster, you can ask your family or friends to join in and fill it with color.


image via Etsy

# 2 A Different Animal Art Decor Idea: Jellyfish

The jellyfish painting is just the first in a series of aquatic paintings. I like the water a lot, which is also why I like this painting. And the colors too. I think it has the ability to put some color into a home office or living room of the old, conservative type. It would definitely make a bedroom very enjoyable and cozy looking.


image via Etsy

#3 Abstract Paintings and Engravings

If you prefer modern and abstract art, such a set of animal prints will definitely be to your taste. They would look good even in an office environment, to add a personal touch to your workspace. At home, you can get creative with the way of displaying them on the walls, in various configurations.


image via Pintrest

#4 Playful Dolphins

Everyone loves dolphins and dolphin art is very widespread. From China statuettes to paintings and carvings, you will find every type of art illustration of dolphins. I prefer this painting for its bold use of colors.


image via Iwantthatpainting

#5 Mural Art Made of Sticks

And look at this! Isn’t it great? A seahorse made of sticks or twigs. This is definitely original and you can do it yourself! And you can continue the idea with other animal shapes until you create a full size mural on one of your walls. Your friends will definitely envy you for your original decorations.


image via Homeandgarden

#6 Small and Colorful

Here’s an idea for your kids’ bedroom! You can wrap colored paper around some cardboard pieces and let your kids glue the animal figures, or you can follow the example below . This is also a great way for them to learn the names of the animals and become curious about nature.


image via Coco29

#7 Let’s Go 3D

How about 3D-animal art? It looks so realistic. You can give your friends a good scare with that dinosaur or choose a more friendly looking animal.


image via Etsy

Here you are, quite a lot of animal art decor ideas to choose from and make your house more cozy looking and expressing your lifestyle and personality.

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