When it comes to organizing the bedroom space or closet, I always have a hard time in arranging the linen. I tried another linen storage idea:  to keep the bed sheets and the pillowcases in the closet. But then my clothes wouldn’t fit in anymore, so I had to move the linen on chairs or whatever came in handy around the room. Then I tried bringing another piece of furniture, but that one occupied the already little space  I had in the bedroom. As I am sure I’m not the only encountering this problem, I decided to do a little research and share whatever I find here. And I did find some functional linen storage ideas for small apartments or houses.

#1 The Stairs Rack

This one works perfect for me. For a small room, this rack with stairs type shelves is perfect too keep at least some of the bed sheets, because it takes up little space and can be placed in a corner, which you cannot use in any other way.


image via Decorhomeideas

#2 Great Linen Storage Space: The Small Cabinet

You can either buy it or build it and it fits nicely in a small place. Now you can keep your lined neatly folded and easily accessible when you need it.


image via Listotic

#3 The Walk-in Pantry

OK, so this isn’t exactly a cabinet, but a pantry transformed so that you can store away linen and other personal items. Even the ironing board. Actually, the ironing board storage idea is a touch of genius!


image via Beneathmyheart

#4 Tidy Up and Have More Space

This is more of a reorganization idea for the closet. But as long as it gives me more linen storage space I’m totally in. In this case those baskets are worth all the money. I think it could work with drawers, too.


image via Organised

#5 Pull-Out Shelves

This is just great! However, it looks like the work of a handyman. But if you know someone who can build some shelves and install a sliding mechanism in the closet, it is a good idea.


image via Doordiy

#6 The Vintage Cabinet

This one looks like what I had in my bedroom before deciding it occupied to much space. But for those of you whit a little bit of extra space and who don’t mind using that extra space, this a functional idea. I like it because it’s vintage. You could also put some doors.


image via Dishfunctionalideas

Here is another example of vintage cabinet, offering even more space than the first one. It could use a coat or two of paint, though.


image via Lizmarieblog

# 7 Maximize the Space with these Slide-In Drawers

And look at this! Right next to the bathtub. This is the best example of using every inch of available space. I am totally in love with this one!


image via Buzzfeed

I am sure that you will find at least one linen storage idea which works for your home and it will help you keep your things better organized.

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