Considering that many of the readers of this blog have children, we thought it would be a great idea to dedicate this post to you. I am sure you’ve found yourselves in the position of not having anymore room for toys or books your kids play with, so I’ve decided to search for some ideas on how organize a playroom or bedroom so it looks nice and tidy, but also functional, allowing the children have easy access to their favorite toys. There are a lot of ideas to select from, but we decided to present some of the simplest, easiest and most cost efficient ones.

#1 Shelves on the Walls

All the comic magazines and story books your children adore can be stored neatly along the walls, almost like in a bookstore. It is very simple and easy to install small shelves and then get your children involved in the process of arranging their books in a certain order. This will also teach them to be tidy and careful with their books and put them back after they finished reading them.


image via Buzzfeed

#2 Great Idea to Organize the Playroom: Keep Toys under the Sofa

Are you tired of picking plush toys and stepping on Lego pieces? Find some brightly colored baskets and organize the toys in there. You can write your children’s names of them, assigning an equal number of baskets to each of them and then they are responsible to look after their toys and put them away. Once filled with toys, the baskets will be pushed under the sofa to save space.


image via Dyincrafts

#3 Turn Old Furniture into Toys Shelves

That old kitchen cabinet, cleaned and repainted, looks absolutely adorable as a toy storage unit. The children will love the extra space they have for their toys and the parents will certainly enjoy the free space on the floor and sofa.


image via 6thstreetdesignschool

#4 Shelves and Economic Storage Bags

This child’s room looks really neat and tidy! The most frequently used books and toys are nicely displayed on shelves, while the rest are packed tightly in textile storage bags and placed under the shelves.


image via Projectnuersery

#5 The Alphabet Storage Shelves

Your children can learn the alphabet while arranging their toys by name in this nice and tidy drawer. It is compact sized and offers enough storage space for all your children’s toys.


image via Buzzfeed

#6 The Zoo for Plus Toys

Look at the neat ways all the plush toys sit together in this wooden pen! And even if they look a little too packed together, they will not complain. Instead, you will save a lot of space and your child will be able to play more comfortably.


image via Organizinghomelife

#7 Window Seat with Storage Shelves

You can either purchase or build this simple storage unit by yourself. Add a little mattress and decorative pillows, and you have created an idea reading seat both for your child and for yourself.


image via Etsy

Now you have some very simple and useful ideas on how to organize a playroom – good luck with the redecorating work!

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