The bathroom is the temple of cleanliness. A staple in every civilized home, from the times of Ancient Greece and Rome, the bathroom is a place where we relax, get cleaned, and discover that we can actually sing! However, not everyone enjoys the luxury of a large bathroom and have to make do with a small shower recess, or a really tight place to fit in anything else beside the bath tub. This is why we are trying to give you a helping hand with these ingenious shower storage ideas. Let’s get started!

#1 Baskets

Wicker imitation baskets can offer you a lot of storage space for towels, soaps, shampoos, conditioners and body lotions. For couples it is a great way to split HIS and HERS items, ending the age-old fight over who occupies more space with cosmetics. Use the classic towel racks to hang the baskets and you have gained a lot of storage space.


image via DIYncrafts

#2 Easy Shower Storage Idea: Hanging Caddies

Simple, practical an inexpensive! Keep your shampoo, shower gel and whatever else you need handy using this simple and ingenious idea. Buy two shower caddies and hang them from the bathroom cabinet knobs.


image via Familyhandyman

#3 Just Where You Need Them

This suspended glass shelf is the most space saving solution if you have a really small bathroom with a simple shower recess. You can keep everything you need close at hand without sacrificing any inch of useful space. You can also leave your jewelry on it while you are taking a shower and keep them safe.


image via Familyhandyman

#4 An Elegant Touch

This looks worthy of a queen’s bathroom! However, it is quite affordable and you will not break the piggy bank to buy it. This tiered shower holder can be placed in a corner and has enough space for all your favorite fragrances of shower gel and body lotion. Plus, it also serves as decoration for your bathroom.


image via Topinspired

#5 A Simple and Practical Solution

You will need an extra shower curtainĀ  bar for this simple DIY project. Instead of a curtain, you will hang a few little caddies and your bath sponge. Again, couples can mark their respective territories and keep their toiletries separated. Now you don’t have to yell from the shower for the other hair conditioner, the one on the sink shelf, because you can keep all of them in the shower booth.


image via Cutedecor

# 6 Minimum Work, Maximum Results

Not everyone is a fan of DIY work, so here is a simple and effortless solution. Just add a few large metal clips and you have a very useful toiletries storage system for your small bathroom.


image via Buzzfeed

#7 The Hidden Drawer

This pull-out drawer can help you keep your full stock of toiletries at hand. However, you will probably need a carpenter to build it for you, but it is a worthwhile investment. Look at the space you gain with it! You can also keep towels and bathrobes nicely folded in there.


image via Bullesetbottillons

That’s it – you now have a few useful shower storage ideas to choose from and maybe you share with us how you finally decorated your bathroom!

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