Everyone has different hobbies, but for children it is much simpler. Most of them usually love comic books. And over the years their collections grow, because they do not throw away even a single one. So, where should parents store comic books, when they have the same living space but an ever growing pile of books? Here are a few practical and useful ideas!

#1 Under the Stairs

This is the best way to use space which, usually, is not available or useful for anything. This cool and interesting design is a must have for any small house with a top floor.


image via Mediabookhub 

#2 Store Comic Books in Personalized Cases

I simply love this one! In this way, your children know exactly where to look for a specific comic book. Possibly, you cannot find these for sale ready made (or they are quite expensive as collectible items) but you can certainly employ your DIY skills and make them at home.


image via Stavishclan

#3 Simple and Easy Metal Shelves

For those of you who can’t afford the one above, this ¬†is a simpler idea: purchase some cardboard boxes and glue the name or favorite characters from your comic books on them. Put them on shelves and voila!


image via Savantiromero

#4 The Ever Useful Rack

This is quite simple: a comic books rack. This is in the low-budget DIY category, but who cares? Better save the money to spend on more comic books!


image via Buzzfeed

#5 The Mini Book Shelves

Another DIY idea for building a comic book rack. It almost looks like a small library or like a showcase, but I definitely like it.


image via Etsy

#6 An Idea for Large Collections

This is a bit more elaborate for serious collectors. I definitely like it because there a lot of space in there. You can properly catalog your collection and find every single comic book within minutes.


image via Nancyneil

#7Don’t Leave the Bed

Sure, there can be other uses to the space under the bed, but then again what is easier than sliding the shelf open and selecting a comic book for bedtime reading?


image via Idontwantyourlove

Hopefully this article gave you a you few ideas on how to store comic books. Now you should have less clutter and very happy kids in your home!

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