I’ve always wanted to have a loft or at least an attic I could transform into a loft and create a getaway room there. I am not that lucky but that won’t stop me from searching for ideas on how to give may small apartment a loft-like appearance. However, there may be some lucky people who have a loft and don’t know what to make of it and whether to transform it into a bedroom, a playroom or to simply arrange it as storage facility. I found some ideas for all types of situations. You will find them below.

#1 Let’s start with a practical idea on how to organize a loft in order to deposit as many things as possible in it. This is an idea for a small loft. This quite simple, practical and cheap, if you ask me! It can’t possibly cost that much to build some shelves and incorporate them in the ceiling.



image via Wnetrzadladzieci

#2 This is actually a cool idea: concealed drawers! Could you tell those are drawers if you’d enter the loft and see them all closed? I’d think they’re part of the decor!



image via Fijnwonen

#3 I love this! Transforming the loft into a sleeping car. Oh, and please notice the drawers below: functionality at its best: both relaxation and storage space!



image via Dumpaday

#4 Since we’re in the loft-bedroom section, here’s another idea. What do you think? I like the color very much because it creates the idea of much more space and luminosity.



image via Pinaywifeatbp

#5 A built-in multi-functional closet! I must admit this is a great idea that can be employed not only in a loft, but in any other room of the house. I like the partitioning the best.



image via Dumpaday

#6 Another cool idea on how to transform the loft into a walk-in closet! I think this the dream closet for any woman. What do you think ladies?



image via Welke

#7 And I kept the best for the last entry. Look at the picture below? This is the mother of all lofts! This is the maximization of all storage spaces! I think it takes a while building it, but by the way it looks it ts definitely worth all the effort, don’t you think?



image via Buzzfeed

On a brief recap I could say the sleeping car idea, the walk-in closet and the last platform idea are definitely the best ideas to organize a loft ever! Hope you found at least one idea you find useful!


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