Design and furnishing mistakes can prove deadly even for average sized rooms. Many people are living in cramped houses and complain of lack of walking space, but they do not realize that they are the architects of their own misfortune. Just as there are seven deadly sins, there are seven mistakes which many people make and which cause their rooms to look overstuffed with various items. Today we will tell you all about these seven mistakes which make a room look smaller.

#1 Too Much Mix and Mismatch

While interior designers recommend throwing in a piece of furniture or decoration which contrasts with everything else, what we have here is hard to describe. Where shall we start? With the dentist-style wall mounted lamp? The mid-century sofa? The recycled wooden table? Or the large potted plants on each side of the fireplace? Nothing seems to belong in this room, there are way too many pieces of furniture and decorations and you literally feel unable to breathe properly in here.

small 1

Source: VeryBestHome

#2 Bad Lighting

Light can turn a dungeon into a palace. Lack of it will make a cozy corner look like a monster’s hideout. If you do not have sufficient natural light, compensate by installing light sources and mirrors, so that all corners of the room are properly lighted. Also, pay attention to the type of lamp you install in a small room. A full scale chandelier is out of the question. But a naked bulb is not an adequate solution, either.

small 6

Source: ApartmentTherapy

#3 Short Carpets

Make sure you measure your floor before you go shopping for a carpet. A short carpet, which does not cover the entire surface, will make a small room look even smaller. You have two options to choose from: either several small, fancy shaped rugs, or one large carpet covering all the floor. Anything in between does not work.

small 3

Source: Homify

#4 Too Much Furniture

In all appearance, this room respects the basic rule for looking spacious: it is painted an furnished in all white. But this is also its undoing: since everything is in the same color, we can notice how many pieces of furniture are in there. The middle seat, for example, has no place there, right in front of the fireplace.

mall 5

Source: HDFCRealty

#5 Decorations Galore

So, you have shelves installed on the wall and you don’t want them to look empty. You proceed to fill them up with all the decorations you’ve kept stored in the garage for years and…now the room looks so small. Excess decorations, even if they are concentrated on one wall, create an unpleasant sense of little space and overcrowding. Keep some of your best decorations, and ditch the others.

small 7

Source: Synergy

#6 Short Curtains

Just like carpets, short curtains will make your room look smaller – like a doll house and not in the good sense of the word. The ideal length of curtains is down too the floor, but not longer. Billowing curtains on the floor will also make your room look smaller than it actually is.

small 2

Source: VeryBestHome

#7 Dark Colors

Dark colors make everything seem smaller. While this is an advantage in women’s fashion, it is a big no-no for small rooms. Look at this room, for example. The color itself is pleasant, a solid, dark blue. But the size of the room makes it feel gloomy and depressing. You wouldn’t feel comfortable in such a room, would you?

small 4

Source: HDFCRealty

These are the most frequent mistakes that make a room look smaller, but there are others, too, such as placing furniture straight against the walls or opting for oversized pieces of furniture (usually tables and sofas). Make sure that your room feels comfortable to sit in all day, and allows you to walk around unhindered. After all, it is the place you call home.

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