Spring is in full force and everyone who has a small patch of garden is busy preparing flower beds or even creating a small vegetables garden. Gardening is a relaxing activity for many people and it is certainly a healthy hobby which gets you out of the house and into the sun. If you are a dedicated gardener, you must have all the tools of the trade: spades, hoes, racks, shears and many others. All these tools need to be stored carefully to protect them from rusting, but this is quite difficult if your house and garden are too small to allow you to build a tool shed. But there are lots of creative ways in which you can keep your valuable tools save and today we will share with you a few practical gardening tools storage ideas.

#1 Place Small Items in a Wicker Basket

There is nothing more irritating than losing small items, such as gardening gloves, small pliers or spuds. The simplest way to keep them organized? Inside a rustic looking wicker basket installed on the wall or the door of your garage, close at hand whenever you want to do a little work in your garden.

tools 1

Source: OneCrazyHouse

#2 Organize Large Tools with PVC Pipes

Leftover pipes from plumbing repairs can prove extremely useful for gardeners. Small bits of pipe are quite sufficient to create an organized and space saving rack for spades, hoes and racks. Now you will never misplace your tools or forget them around your garden, because you have a clearly labeled place where they belong.

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Source: CuteDIYProjects

#3 The Well Supplied Cart

This cart is any gardener’s dream! Easy to move around and store in an unobtrusive place, it is also provided with many pockets for all the tools and gardening supplies you may need in your work. Keep flower pots, seeds and bulbs ready to be planted neatly organized and make your gardening work easier than ever with this must-have storage unit.

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Source: BobVila

#4 Repurpose a Clothes Hanger

A damaged clothes hanger can still prove useful: a small section of it can be turned into a holding hook for the watering hose. Forget about the chore of untangling the hose every time you want to water your garden: this simple and inexpensive holding hook will keep it neatly container in coils.

tools 6

Source: BHG

#5 Turn a Pallet into a Tools Organizer

Something as simple as a wooden pallet can become a versatile organizer for most of your gardening tools. With sturdy hooks and open shelves installed on it, you can store both large and small tools and supplies which you use when you tend to your garden.

tools 2

Source: OneCrazyHouse

#6 Bench with Storage Space

There is nothing more pleasant than sitting outside and admiring your garden. It is even better if your garden benches also double as storage boxes for your gardening tools. You can have both comfort and a space saving storage solution in one item – and that’s the best feeling ever!

tools 4

Source: CuteDYIProjects

#7 Compact Carryall

This practical wire carryall is a very helpful accessory and storage solution for avid gardeners. You can keep your smaller tools neatly organized and ready to be used whenever you need to pluck out weeds or to plant a new bulb.

tools 7

Source: BHG

As you can see, it is not very difficult to keep your tools neatly organized. We hope that these gardening tool storage ideas are helpful and that they inspire you to find even more creative solutions inside or around your home.

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