The hallway is the least happy place of a house: no one ever spends a lot of time in it, pays much attention to its decoration and furnishing and usually drops shoes, bags, hats and umbrella there. The only people who do pay attention to hallways are those living in small spaces, where every square meter and every inch of surface matters. Today we will give everyone (not just small homes owners) a few interesting and helpful ideas to organize your hallways.

Function and beauty can be achieved, even on a tight budget, and as always, we remain big fans of the retro style and firmly believe in giving old furniture a new lease on life in a different form.

#1 Reinventing the Old Cabinet

The old cabinet is a perfect fit for the recess in the hallway, and look how practical and beautiful it is! You can sit down comfortably as you put on and take off your shoes, and then store them in the drawers under the seat. No more clutter on the floor, no more looking around for the pair of a shoe. Also, you can add as many hooks as you like to keep your coats and bags.


image via Pintrest

#2 Organize Your Hallway In the Minimalist Style

If you have a narrow hallway, this suspended cabinet is a great furnishing idea. It is obvious that you cannot organize a clothes hanger in this tight space, so use it for decorative purposes instead. You can keep your keys on the cabinet so you never misplace them, and place a small apartment plant, such as a bonsai to give the hallway a little color.


image via Digsdigs

#3 Add Some Shelves

Every inch of space must be put to good use, and these shelves placed to the right and left of the coat rack do just that. You can place decorative wicker baskets to keep various things, from shoes, to less frequently used items, and thus have more free space in the rest of the house. If you want more DIY ideas for organizing your hallway, this website will give you a lot of interesting ideas.


image via Creeklinehouse

#4 The Narrow Cabinet

Simple and elegant, this cabinet does not take a lot of space and can be used to store glasses and cutlery. Decorate is top wit plants and a framed photo just above it on the wall, and you have a hallway with style and personality.


image via Buzzfeed

#5 Make Good Use of Stairway Space

Do you remember those period Victorian era movies, where young ladies sat comfortably on a window seat, reading a book and enjoying  a cup of tea? You can have your own window seat, by incorporating a low cabinet with seating top. Arrange a few decorative pillow, bring your favorite book and enjoy this little cozy space you’ve created.


image via Buzzfeed

#6 The Library Above the Stairs

Now, this one requires some effort and athletic abilities, but if your bookshelves are already full, this is an idea to consider.


image via Flickr

#7 The Closet

Too many clothes in the wardrobe? Keep your off season clothes in this hallway cabinet and the problem is solved!



image via Houseoffifty

I hope these ideas will help you organize your hallway and free up some much needed space in your home.

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