I, like many other women, have a weak spot for purses and handbags. My small house is cluttered with handbags, shoulder bags, and a zillion types of clutches. Thus I always seek for ideas and solutions to store and organize them all. My criteria are easy, simple and right on the budget. And here are 5 practical and effective purse and handbag storage solutions that are worth implementing!

If you have a lot of bags and purses, a sensible solution is to get a cabinet with hooks and shelves inside to accommodate both big handbags and small purses.

handbag storage idea cabinet


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You might already some unused baskets lying around the house. Take advantage of them to store small clutches and purses.

purse storage idea basket


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Behind the door offers a lot of space for storage. You can take advantage of this unused space by either fixing some hooks on the door or use a strap mounted on top of the door. Wardrobe’s door is also a perfect place to store your purses and handbags this way.

purse handbag storage ideas behind door


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I love this handbag storage idea! So cute and practical! The side of the staircase offers great storage space and at the same time acts as a wall of art from all the pretty bags.

purse handbag storage ideas staircase


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Carton boxes are a great and cheap way to store your bags and purses. You can decorate and personalize the boxes by putting on your favorite pattern cover paper and they will be like pretty ornaments on the shelf.

purse bag storage ideas carton boxes


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Curtain rods and hooks are cheap and effective way to hang up handbags. With under $6, you already have an effective storage system for all of your bags.

purse bag storage ideas curtain rods


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Another way to store purses and handbags is hanging them on a coat rack. I used to have a coat rack made out of a big branch to hang my bags on. It was not only great for storage but also created a charming woodland corner in my bedroom.

purse bag storage ideas coat rack


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If you have a lot of bags, remember to classify them before storing. The ones that you use often should be put in front or on hooks for easy access. The bags or clutches that you only use once in a while can be hidden away in boxes in closets.

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