Books are just like small universes where you can escape, make new friends, open your mind to new ideas and new feelings. They are our quiet and faithful companions on cold rainy days and they manage to put a smile on our faces in our saddest time. But where do we keep an ever increasing collection of great books? Since so many people face this problem, we decided to look high and low and find the best and most easy to implement book storage ideas for your studio or small home.

#1 The Books Under the Stairs

If you have a staircase leading to the attic, you probably have no use for the little space right behind it. How about arranging a few shelves and displaying your books there? It has an antique and retro look and you will not have to decide to part with some of your beloved books for lack of storage space.


Image source: Homedit


#2 Great Space Saving Book Storage Solution: the Bedside Bookshelf

What if you kept your books conveniently close to bed? This utilitarian mobile bookshelf doubles as bedside table, takes up little space and integrates nicely with the rest of your furniture. If you have a reading list, you can place all the books you wish to read in this bookshelf and have them close at hand at all times.


Image source: Brookstone


#3 Bookshelves Between the Windows

What a cozy looking living room! And there are so many books in them! Although it is not bigger than any standard studio room, this one holds a significant book collection. A little diligence and DIY skill will help you design and install these useful shelves in your home, too (and you don’t have to worry about repainting the wall, either).


Image source: Lushome

#4 Putting Small Vertical Surfaces to Good Use

That hallway wall is not much use for anything, is it? There’s not enough space for a wardrobe or airing cabinet for bedsheets. But it is just perfect for a few shelves, up to the ceiling, on which you can place quite a large number of books. As always, where there’s a will, there’s a way!


Image source: Tinyassapartment

#5 Your Own Reading Corner

You can literally surround yourself with books by creating this small but smartly divided alcove where you can have your own reading seat and small library in the same place. You can think up various configurations and fit quite a lot of books in such a manner.

alcove-readingImage source: Homedit

#6 By the Sofa

How convenient! A small bookshelf which you can attach to the side of your sofa and always have a good book handy to relax after work. This takes very little space and looks really nice as room decoration, as well.


Image source: Thefirstapartment

#7 The Floating Books

No, the books are not really floating by the wall, they are just arranged on an ingenious, minimalistic bookshelf, which is mainly recommended for hardcover books. Thus, you can select the books with the best looking covers and use them as decorations around the house. Great idea, isn’t it?


Image source: Tinyassapartment

And now we’ve reached the end of our list of recommendations. We are sure that you will find at least some of them functional and attractive. As always, we are always looking forward to hearing your suggestions on space saving book storage ideas and any other aspects related to living in a small home.


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