If you live in a house with two floors, there is one area which you hardly know what to do with: the space under the stairs. Of course, not being a mean Muggle family, you won’t be keeping your wizard nephew in the closet under the stairs. However, there are a lot of useful ideas for putting that space to good use. Today we will share with you the top seven under stair storage ideas. Let’s get started!

#1 The Clothes Rack

Putting a clothes rack on the hallway is inevitable, but it takes up a lot of space. If you also happen to have a narrow hallway, it is a constant challenge getting out, and especially in the house with full shopping bags. What if you made a clothes rack under the stairs? You do not use that space for anything else, and it is quite spacious for all the family’s raincoats, overcoats and jackets. Plus, it looks really original and nice!


Source: Homedit.com

#2 Under Stairs Storage Idea: The Library

Are you running out of space for your book collection? This is a common mishap for all avid readers. How about organizing a part of your library under the staircase? It is a simple DIY job to install a few shelves and organize the books. Extra tip: since the staircase usually start from the living room, you should put your favorite books under the stairs and have them ready for reading in the evening.


Source: Buzzfeed.com

#3 Slide-Out Shelves

These shelves will help you store away all those things which you do not need on a regular basis: the Christmas tree ornaments, the off-season shoes, your DIY tools, or any other things which are cluttering your bedroom or living room.


Source: Houzz.com

#4 The Wine Rack

If you like to collect wine and keep it to age in your house, this is the perfect solution. This wine rack under the stairs helps you keep quite a large number of bottles, stored in the recommended horizontal position. Now, all you have to do is impress your guests with your wine collection!


Source: Buzzfeed.com

#5 The Home Office

If you work from home on a full time basis or from time to time, you can arrange your desk with the computer, ergonomic chair and cabinets with drawers in the space under the stairs. It is a great option to keep you away from distractions such as the TV and home movie system in the living room. Plus, you will not have to keep reminding your family to be quiet in there because you are working.


Source: Homedit.com

#6 The Cozy Corner

How about this? A cozy little bench with some pillows and you can find your own peace and quiet with a book, while everyone else watches a movie. Your little corner under the stairs looks like a dream, with just a little investment and a few personal touches.


Source: Bobvila.com

#7 The Extra Pantry

Did you run out of space in your kitchen for various pots, pans and lids? You can install a few shelves and keep them under the stairs. Choose a mix of items and colors, and your extra pantry will also look decorative.


Source: Bobvila.com

Now you know how to save some space in your house. You will certainly find one applicable idea from all these under stair storage ideas which we shared with you.

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