Living in a tiny apartment with small rooms has many restrictions when it comes to furnishing and decorating. And over the years, the recommendations made by interior designers have become a set of unwritten rules. They are passed on and multiplied across the internet and at a certain point you are told point blank that you “cannot” do this or that. While the rules for decorating small rooms make sense and provide people with guidelines for making their house feel cozy and comfortable, it does not mean that you must always go by the book. In fact, some of these rules are nothing more than myths. And today we decided to approach this issue and have the top small space myths debunked for you.

#1 You Cannot Mix Patterns

Too many patterns mixed mindlessly would make even a large room look crowded and unpleasant to live in. But a clever mix of patterns adds color and vivacity to any room. It gives it a funky, youthful vibe and there are many ways in which you can combine different patterns on carpets, wallpaper, sofa cushions and more.

myth 1

Source: DecorationTrends

#2 Large Pieces of Furniture Are a No-No

A persistent myth is that you should pick small pieces of furniture for a small room. In truth, 3 or 4 tiny armchairs will only draw attention to the small size of the room. Instead, pick a large statement sofa, where you and your family can sit comfortably. And do not place it against the wall, either.

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Source: Freshome

#3 Do Not Use Strong Colors

Muted pastel colors are, indeed, known for the fact that they make a space feel larger. But this doesn’t mean that bright colors will give impression of tiny, oppressing space. This small room with bright red walls is a clear example that you can use strong colors and have a cozy and spacious looking room.

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Source: StyleAtHome

#4 Always Use a Matching Set of Furniture

While some people like to have complete order in their environment, others love to mix and match. These being said, there is no real basis to the assumption that mixed chair models at the lunch table will make your room look cramped and smaller.

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Source: MaevesMethod

#5 Only One Focal Point

In previous articles we have talked about creating a focal point of visual attention. This will distract people from the actual size of the room. However, this does not mean that you cannot have two distinct focal points. Small apartments have an open kitchen – living room area. Thus, there are two focal points: the breakfast table near the kitchen area, and the more formal looking dining table. Both areas coexist nicely and do not make the room feel small and cluttered.

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Source: DecorationTrend

#6 Never Use Large Sized Decals or Wallpaper Patterns

In truth, small and busy patterns are more detrimental to the visual effect than anything else. A well-done mural decoration looks spectacular, adds character to the room and in no way makes it look small and unwelcoming. If you are a fan of large sized photographic wallpapers or posters, go ahead and use them.

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Source: StyleAtHome

#7 Dark Walls Make The Room Look Tiny and Gloomy

Not everyone is a fan of dark walls. But we should not attach negative connotations to dark colors – such as the one that they give a depressive atmosphere to any room. Also, when tastefully combined with furniture and lighting, dark walls do not make a room look tiny in any manner.

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Source: Freshome

Today we only covered a few myths related to the furnishing and decorating of small rooms. However, there are many more and a lot of people feel that they need to follow them. If you want other small space myths debunked, please let us know of and we will do our best to bring light to the issue.

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