Mason jars must be one of my favorite containers as they are adorable, easy to use, multifunctional and incredibly inexpensive. You can pick up mason jars from flea markets, yard sales or dollar stores for $1 – $2 a piece.

I know mason jars can be used everywhere for decoration, from wedding as centerpieces to living room and dining rooms as candle holders. However today’s post will focus its use in the kitchen – the heart of the home. Let’s explore these 8 beautiful and practical ways to use mason jars in the kitchen to spark up our creativity!

Mason jar herb garden

I’m in love with this little mason jar herb garden! Who knows with only a used wood board and a few mason jars, you can create this charming piece of art right in your kitchen? If you are also smitten with this DIY project, the whole tutorial on how to make this mason jar garden can be found on Camille Styles.

mason jar herb garden wood board

Mason jar herb garden


Mason jar organizers

Mason jars can also become great organizers for small kitchen utensils. Instead of knitting tools, you can use them to organize spoons, forks and other smaller tools that fit.

mason jar hooked wall containers kitchen

Mason jars on the wall


Store spices in mason jars

Mason jars are perfect to store spices as their caps are closed, which helps with preserving spices for longer term. Chalkboard stickers would be a cute way to label mason jars, the chalk writing will give your kitchen cabinet a bit of country charm.

mason jar ideas kitchen spices

Spices in mason jars


Hanging mason jars in the kitchen

Another cool DIY project for you to try this weekend: hanging mason jars! I love the whimsical and fun look of these mason jars hanging in the kitchen. With some mason jars, nails, screws and a piece of wood, you can also recreate this fun “mason jar bar” for your kitchen. Perfect for pasta, corn, or spice storage! Follow the instructions here for a one-of-a-kind storage area in your kitchen!

mason jar kitchen hanging

Hanging mason jars


DIY mason jar soap dispenser

Charming Zebra has a great tutorial on how to create this DIY mason jar soap dispenser in 5 minutes!

mason jar diy soap dispenser

Mason jar soap dispenser


Serve drinks in mason jars

I’m so tempted to put a “Drink me” tag around these mason jar glasses’ necks, just like in Alice in wonderland! There mason jar glasses are great for parties, especially in the summer when you can have your celebration outside in the garden. Some colorful straws or umbrellas and your kids will go crazy with these drinks.

mason jar glass drink dispenser

Mason jar glasses


Little fun treats

Delight your kids with these muffins and yogurt jars for breakfast! I came across this idea on Full Bellies and they look so great! She also provides a nice little instruction on how to make these little breakfast treats in small mason jars.

mason jars muffin yogurt

Muffin jars


Mason jars as windowsill decorations

Another way to have a little garden in your kitchen is to grow it on the windowsill. Mason jars make great containers to grow herbs on the windowsill as they are the right size and look pretty as decorations at the same time. Some nifty tricks for your herbs to grow healthily in mason jars can be found on Life could be a dream.

mason jar grow herbs windowsill

Mason jar garden on windowsill


I’m a mason jar junkie so I’m addicted to finding creative ways to use mason jars. It is funny that such a simple looking jar can provide so many ways to use and decorate.If you are still on the mason jar mood, check out the best DIY mason jar light projects to fall even deeper in love with these amazing little jars!

If you have any mason jar decoration ideas that you would want to share. Don’t hesitate to use the comment box below!

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