We love our kids so much it hard to say no when they want us to buy them toys. Then we also know most of the presents they receive are toys. But when we have lots of toys and little room to keep them, how do we proceed? So here are few cheap storage ideas for toys that are easy to put in practice!

#1 One of the best places to store toys is the under-the-bed space.

You can buy some custom-made drawers or you can make them yourselves.


[image via .Buzzfeed]

#2 This is a cheap storage idea for those of you who have boys.

You can use magnetic strips as a toy storage space.


[image via style-files]

#3 This is a practical idea that can be used for toy storage, but can also be used as desk.

All you have to do is mount a suspended desk on the wall. The great thing about it is that you can have customized depending on the space you have.


[image via housetohome]

#4 Movable storage boxes with multiple uses

How about these movable storage boxes that can also be employed as chairs? Perfect for a small room!


[image via shanty-2-chic]

#5 Colorful bins

This is one of my favorites! You can purchase these types of bins from any store. They’re cheap, come in many colors and you can also hide them behind a curtain.



[image via apartmenttherapy]



[image via realsimple]

#6 Shoe organizers can be used as toy storage organizers, as well.

Hung be the door or any other place you can think of make an easy and accessible idea.



[image via buzzfeed]

#7 Use a swing

On the same principle as shoe organizers, a swing is a great way to store toys.


[image via itsalwaysautumn]


#8 Take the toys to the zoo

Isn’t this cute? A wooden zoo pen for toys. This is a great idea that can be easily put in practice.


[image via buzzfeed]

These cheap storage ideas will certainly prove useful to you and help you save a lot of space in your children’s bedrooms!

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