Doing laundry in a small apartment is a tedious job for anyone. The washing machines are quite bulky and take up lots of space, so, in most of the cases, it is out of the question buying a clothes dryer as well. Some people dry their laundry on the balcony, but not everyone has it. Also, there are zoning regulations preventing you from installing clothes ropes on the balcony. In this situation, you need to buy or improvise a drying rack inside the apartment. Today we will show you several creative drying racks for small apartments which you can use at home.

#1 Hanger Style Rack

There are a few advantages to this model of clothes drying rack. First of all it helps you dry shirts and trousers without creases. Secondly, this model does not take a lot of space in your house, you can simply place it it in a corner of your hallway or mud room.

drying rack 8

Source: Wayfair

#2 Over the Bath Tub

If you really have no available space in your house, you can buy or make at home this simple and space saving dryer which is installed over the bath tub, and then folded and put away when you no longer need it. It is also a healthy option if you have small children, because high humidity levels in the living room or bedroom could cause asthma or allergies.

drying rack 1

Source: ApartmentTherapy

#3 Take Advantage of an Awkward Niche

Many houses and apartments have small design flaws, such as niches where you cannot fit a fridge or a cupboard. However, these difficult spaces can prove helpful: you can install a clothes drying rack and keep your washed laundry away from people walking around the house.

drying rack 3

Source: Yourhouseandgarden

#4 Pull-Down Rack

Yet another space saving solution, this pull-down drying rack can be easily installed above the washing machine or next to it. In this way, you can have a separate space just for doing laundry without sacrificing too much space in your small apartment.

drying rack 4

Source: Decoist

#5 DIY Built-In Racks

These racks take advantage of vertical space and help you stretch laundry nicely and allow them to dry without creases. It is an ideal solution for high ceiling rooms with a small surface, and for bed linen and other types of large laundry which would be difficult to dry otherwise.

drying rack 6

Source: AwesomeDIYs

#6 Radiator Mounted Dryer

Ideal for towels, socks and other small items, this type of rack allows fast drying from the heat emanating from the radiator. It is the best choice for new moms, who need to rotate the baby’s clothes fast.

drying rack 7

Source: Independent

#7 Ladder Dryer

This is a very affordable solution if you are on a tight budget. Simply clean, repaint and repurpose an old wooden ladder as clothes dryer. Also, you will not use up any valuable floor space, because the ladder will be suspended from the ceiling.

drying rack 2

Source: Yourhouseandgarden

#8 Drying Cabinet

When you only have a tiny niche space available for drying your laundry the ASKO cabinet may be the ideal solution. This fast drying system is very compact and can hold a machine load of laundry. The advantage of this system is that the humidity is not released into the room, thus protecting children and the elderly from asthma and allergies.

drying rack 5

Source: Decoist

These are only a few models of drying racks for small apartments. There are many other options, but before you decide on one over the other, always consider placement and health warnings. Doctors do not recommend drying laundry in the same room with small children or elderly persons, especially if they are susceptible to asthma or various allergies. If you have to place the drying rack in such a room, make sure that it is properly ventilated, so that excess humidity does not accumulate indoors.

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