Girls’ rooms are usually filled with clothes, accessories and makeup items. Nail polish is one of the most frequent type of makeup and over time a lot of tiny bottles invade our living space, because the fashion changes and we all want to keep up with the latest color trends. Therefore, nail polish storage becomes a real problem, because we just can’t bear to part with any item of our collection. So, let us find the best and most efficient ways to store them away, yet have them available at all times!

#1 A Multifunctional Item: The Shoe Organizer

The shoes organizer is good for storing almost any items. Just look how easily you can organize your nail polish bottles by color! It looks like a makeup store, doesn’t it?


image via Dyincrafts

#2 The Nail Polish Storage Case

Now check out these nail polish storage cases! Plenty of room to keep hundreds of nail polish bottles in them. Although the recommended position for storing them is vertical…well, we have to compromise, don’t we?


image via Slodive

#3 Show Off Your DIY Skills

This is one of my favorites: create your own nail polish storage box. Even if the picture does not show the whole process, you can definitely learn how to do it here.


image via Thebeautydepartment

#4 See Through Cases

And now this! A transparent case for nail polish. This is very useful when you have many nail polish bottles, you’re in a hurry and need to find what you’re looking for fast. According to this article each drawer  costs about $14. You can buy as many you want or you can afford, I guess.


image via Fabfatale

#5 The Professional Rack

This is a bit more elaborate, but I must admit it looks great! A nail polish rack is the perfect idea for me!


image via Stylisheve

#6 Combine Utility with Home Decor

This another great nail polish storage idea. You can add a little color to your room and store your nail polish bottles! According to Buzzfeed, you can find these shelves at Ikea.


image via Buzzfeed

#7 The Option for Huge Collections

Another cheap idea from Ikea: a nail polish chest. Now you can rest assured that you will be able to keep up with all the trends and not have to throw away older bottles. This is a collection fit for a fashion queen!



image via Polishchest

#8 Simple, But Efficient

And at last, a nail polish jar. If you cannot boast a huge nail polish collection, this is exactly what you need to keep all the bottles together.


image via Cosmopolitan

I guess I covered all the aspects of nail polish storage: ideas, from the simplest to the most complex, for large collections. Now your polish is safely stored and your house looks much less cluttered!

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