Spring is on the door step of every home and if you are like me – a true spring fan, you would have the burning urge to add some spring-y touches to your home. Let’s take a look at 9 cool yet simple ways to give your home a spring makeover.

#1- Add bright colored and floral cushions

Cushions must be the simplest way to change the feel of any room. Only by adding a few spring colored or floral cushions on the couch in the living room or on the bed in your bedroom, the corner is already lightened up and filled with spring spirit. If you feel crafty, you can even make your own spring cushion cover, A pumpkin and a princess blog has a great tutorial on how to create the lovely looking yellow flower cushion below.

spring makeover flat cushion

#2 – Changing curtains

Sounds simple right? But you would be surprised how different a room can look with different curtains. I have season-themed curtains that I change at the end of each season and the flat carries a totally different feeling every time. Pastel colors, floral or soft patterns will give your room a springy and feminine touch. If you want maximum sunlight into the room, use sheer white curtains to create an airy feeling.

spring apartment makeover curtains

#3 – Bring in the spring flowers

spring makeover tulips

Spring is the time with the most abundance of beautiful flowers. Just with a few tulip, daffodil or peony stalks, any corner will be brightened and fill with joy.

#4 – Spring door wreath

Welcome your guest with a beautiful wreath filled with spring flowers. I love how creative and easy-to-assemble the wreath below is. All you need are an umbrella and a bundle of flowers to add amazing colors and spring spirit to your front door. This umbrella wreath would also be perfect if you have a party at home for any occasion, such a vibrant and unique wreath will sure to wow your guests.

spring home decoration umbrella wreath

#5- A porch makeover

Spring is also the time when you start to bring those patio and outdoor furniture out from the storage room after a long winter. If you are a DIY lover like me, you would love this porch makeover tutorial from By Dawn Nicole. With only $100, she managed to give the patio furniture an amazing makeover with eye-popping color paint and cushions.

spring decoration porch makeover

#6 – Spring branch centerpiece

Having a spring party or just want to fill up a boring empty corner? With just a simple clear vase, some plastic eggs from dollar store and some spring branches collected outside in the garden or forest, you already have a beautiful and stylish spring centerpiece.

spring centerpiece

#7 – Rustic spring decoration

Rustic decoration cannot be more in. Spring is the perfect time for you to add a few rustic touches to your home decoration. If you are in the crafty mood, try this spring rustic frame tutorial from Not Just a Housewife. This rustic frame would be a beautiful decor to be showcased on the wall, on your living room shelf or as a mantel decoration.

spring apartment makeover frame tutorial

#8 – Birds, butterflies, grass and bunnies decor

Want to be artistic and paint something yourself? You can try this swallow wall painting tutorial from Curly made.

spring decoration paint birds

#9 – A fridge spring makeover

fridge makeover spring

A spring themed wall decal can be used to cheer up a tired-looking fridge. Why not use some wall decal to add some spring touches on your furniture?

How are you decorating your home for spring? Share your fabulous ideas in the comment section below!

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