The boho chic style is a relaxed, colorful one – where old and new blend together, rich patterns and bold colors coexist, and handmade items look great alongside hi-tech equipment. Many people believe that the boho chic style never really goes out of style, it just comes back with slight changes. But ever since the hippie days during the ‘6os, a lot of people adopted this style as an expression of freedom from the constraints of fashion rules and fads. If you want to express yourself in this way, we have a few helpful tips for an authentic boho chic decor for your home.

#1 Add a Vibrant Color To Your Walls

Do not shy away from going over the top with an original color for the walls. Turquoise, indigo, crimson or emerald are strong colors, with a great visual impact. No one will be able to forget the unique look of your house.

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Source: HarpersBazaar

#2 Arrange Low Seating Areas

It is not comfortable sitting directly on the floor, but a few blankets, pillows and poufs will create a relaxed and carefree seating area, reminding you of outdoor camping. Do not be afraid to mix textures, fabrics and colors, creating a lively, bric-a-brac pattern.

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Source: AndreasNotebook

#3 Install Fairy Lights

Strings of fairy lights give you almost a limitless creative freedom in achieving various lighting effects in a room. From mysterious to romantic, discreet to spectacular, the length of the string of lights is the only limit to the possibilities of setting the mood through the play of lights and shadows.

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Source: WooHome

#4 Scatter Ethnic Prints Around the Room

Asian, Mexican, East European – ethnic prints are trendier than ever and it will be no difficulty to find great deals on pillows, bed spreads, rugs and blankets. Do not be afraid to mix prints from various cultures. After all, being boho chic is all about embracing the world as a whole and enjoying its beauty.

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Source: DigsDigs

#5 Bring the Nature into Your House

Do you love nature? Would you like to be able to be in the middle it all the times? Then why don’t you invite it in your house? Bring in as many potted plants, bushes and small ornamental trees as you can and you will become truly a child of nature, in accordance to the hippie lifestyle.

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Source: ApartmentTherapy

#6 Display Your Collectibles

Guitars, beer cans from around the world, decorative masks…whatever you love to collect, you should proudly display in your house. Put the items on the walls, on tables, next to the sofa, as if you want to feel surrounded by them all the time – which you certainly do. You will be surprised how many friends had no idea that you owned such a rich collection.

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Source: HarpersBazaar

#7 Create Layers with Rugs

The soft feeling of walking barefoot on rugs is one of the best feelings ever. And there are so many beautiful colors and patterns to look at! Do not be shy and go overboard with layered rugs all over the house if you feel like it. It is your private retreat, treat yourself to the comfort you really yearn for.

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Source: AndreasNotebook

#8 Something Old, Something New

A modern, comfortable settee can share the same room with an ancient wooden cabinet, handed down to you from generations in your family. It is all about mixing styles, ages and creating an effortless decor which looks just a little bit careless and not planned.

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Source: WooHome

#9 Display Handmade Artisan Items

Crafted items are unique and add a special charm to any room. They are the expression of hard work and talent and never go out of fashion. You can find true gems at garage sales and the flea market, or even on specialized websites such as Etsy.

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Source: DigsDigs

#10 Flower Power

There is one term which never fails to make us think of the hippie generation: flower power. Bring in all the flowers in your house with a boho chic wallpaper which will definitely add a pleasant note to your room and make your whole day feel better just looking at it.

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Source: ApartmentTherapy

Last but not least, remember that a true boho chic decor for your home looks completely effortless, as if you simply threw in various items together. Do not overthink the arrangement, but trust your first instinct. Good luck!

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