Brass is surely the keyword of the decorating world in 2013. So what is brass? It’s the alloy mixture of copper and zinc and has been around for ages. This year 2013 witnesses the resurgence of brass as designers are looking back to the 70s.

Depending on the amounts of zinc and copper, brass can have different shades. I love the rich gleam and vintage appeal of brass decorations. For those who are also in love with this design trend and want to add some brassy accents to their rooms, the good news is that you don’t have to spend top dollars to redecorate and buy expensive designer items.

With brass, the rule here: less is more. You only need some subtle accents here and there to give your room that rich and nostalgic look. In this post I will embrace one of the hottest design trends of 2013 and feature easy ways to accent your home with brass!

Brass lamps

Lamps are easy to replace, relatively inexpensive to buy and one of the main spots that grab visitors’ attention right away. As brass has been around for forever, it’s not difficult to find great vintage brass lamps from a thrift store at a steal price.

Dining room is given a nostalgic look by the brass lamp

brass lamp trend 2013

Brass dining lamp


A rustic side table and brass reading lamp add some old-time charm and coziness to the living room corner.

brass reading lamp living room trend 2013

Brass reading lamp


Brass mirror and picture frames

Frames are another easy and cheap way to update the look of your wall. Thrift stores again are great places to find these brass goodies.

The brass accents in this bathroom are timeless. The mirror frame, light fixtures, water faucet and cabinet door knobs together make the bathroom grand, classic and luxurious.

brass mirror frame bathroom trend 2013

Brass accents in the bathroom


Brass accent tables and chairs

Thin brass coffee and side table frames add a classic elegance to any living room and are currently a hot design trend. No matter what is your room’s style and main colors, brass accents add a strong and warm charm in its unique way.

brass table chair accents

Brass coffee table


Brighten up an otherwise all-gray living room

brass coffee table gray living room

Brass coffee table


Unique brass decorations

Unique brass decorations that you pick up from a trip, a yard sale or thrift stores are great accents to enhance the room’s classic charm. It can be as simple as brass tealights or an elaborated music box in grass.

brass decoration accents

Brass decor


Sometimes a brass bowl is all you would need for accents

brass bowl bird trend 2013

Brass jewelry bowl


There are unlimited ways to accent your home with brass. Other ideas that you can play with are: brass jewelries, door knobs, kitchen cabinet and drawer handles, brass patterned cushions and pillows, night stands and bed frames if you want an extreme makeover.

Unlike other hot fads, I can see that brass is here to stay for some more seasons and is likely to still come back in the future because of its timeless beauty and charm.


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