Autumn has arrived in slowly and surely, blending with the last days of summer. I can feel a hint of crispness in the air and the burning hot summer sun has been replaced with a calmer and more soothing autumn sun. As someone who is in love with decorations from the nature, today I’m going to feature a less-than-expected type of autumn home decorations – chestnuts and acorns!

I know roasted chestnuts are one of the most yummy treats of autumn, but chestnuts themselves also make great autumn themed decorations for your home. Let’s all go a bit more nutty with the inspirations below!

Even green acorns can become great decors! A rustic looking container and some fresh acorn branches can add great woodland charm to your kitchen or windowsill. My little rustic watering can become the perfect vase for the green acorn branches that I picked up during last night’s walk in the woods.

autumn home decor green chestnuts

Chestnuts and acorns alone or combined with other autumn decorations such as pinecones, twigs, hay or mosses can make beautiful natural autumn wreaths to hang on your door or over a mantel. The below wreath is from SeasonalBounty on Etsy, a lovely rustic wreath that will last year season after season.

autumn home decoration chestnut wreath


If you are the do-it-yourself type, why not make yourself the acorn wreath below, following the instructions on Recycledawblog.


fall home decoration ideas acorn wreath

Chestnuts and acorns work wonderfully as fillers for candle holders. They add a touch of autumn and warm brown to make chilly autumn nights cozier.

acorn candle filler vaseImage by It’s great to be home

How about some acorn and mason jar lanterns? Your mason jar light can get an autumn update by some brown acorns from the backyard.

autumn home decor acorn mason jar lanterns

Acorn mason jar lanterns

Acorns, dried moss and whitewashed wooden crate – the perfect combination for an autumn themed centerpiece.

fall home decoration ideas acorn wood crate

Shabby chic acorn decor

Have a fall-themed dinner party to host? How about this beautiful table setting surrounding acorns? A silver tray filled with acorns and a branch hanging painted acorns for some colorful touch – a beautiful combination where elegant and whimsical meet! If you would want to make those lovely acorn napkin ring yourself, I found a great tutorial on The Atwoods’ blog.

fall home decoration ideas acorn branch painted centerpiece

Acorn branch centerpiece

I love this corn cap pompom idea from MakeandTakes! With a styrofoam ball, hot glue, a ribbon and some fallen acorns, she made a creative and beautiful pomander from acorn caps! Such a fun and whimsical decoration to hang on the door or wall! Reminds me somehow of my childhood favorite Chip ‘n Dale cartoon 🙂

fall home decoration ideas acorn cap pompom

Acorn cap pompom

A hot glue gun and a bunch of acorn caps picked up from the park or your backyard can dress up the most ordinary looking picture frame! A beautiful woodland addition to your home this autumn!

fall home decoration ideas acorn cap frame

Acorn cap frame

Have chestnuts and acorns fallen on your yard? Want to share and inspire others with your brilliant autumn home decorating idea? Comment below or send me your chestnut and acorn decoration ideas to welcome a new season!

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