Are you having problems coming up with ideas to decorate your blank bedroom walls? You are not alone, it is not easy to come up with bedroom wall decorating ideas, especially if you are on a budget.

Pictures and frames are budget-friendly and classic ways for wall decoration. However classics doesn’t have to equal boring. Check out these 5 creative and stylish ways to decorate your wall with pictures and frames. Some of them are not only decorative but also very functional!

#1 – Display family pictures on a sticker tree

We have talked about several ways to use a wall sticker tree outside pure decoration and you can totally apply those usages to decorate your bedroom wall. This makes displaying your family photos much more interesting and unique. If you have a small bedroom, this still works, you only need to use 3-4 pictures and buy a simple sticker tree, otherwise the wall would look too crowded.

bedroom wall decorating ideas sticker tree family photos

Family tree


#2 – Whimsical display of family photos on a string

I always love the relaxed look of pictures hung and clipped with clothespins. This could be a beautiful way to display family photos on your bedroom wall. If you want to have a wall that is illuminating in the dark, instead of normal strings, use string lights. Your wall would look so dreamy and magical!

bedroom wall decorating ideas family photos

Photos on a string


#3 – Empty frames of different shapes

You can create an eclectic wall art by coming frames of different styles, sizes and colors. I love the random look of this bedroom wall and the rustic frames in pastel colors!

bedroom wall decorating ideas frames

Pretty frames on the wall


#4 – Your own art on the wall

Nice arts are too expensive to buy? I have been looking for a big painting to hang on the bedroom wall for a long time but the nice pieces are a bit out of my budget. But today I found this beautiful tutorial on how to create your own painting using leaves and spray paint. How creative! And I love the end results!

bedroom wall decor diy painting leaves spray paint

DIY wall art


#5 – Empty frames and stylish metal letters

bedroom wall decorating ideas frames metal letters

Frames and metal letters


I love the mix match look of the frames and metal letters. Metal letters always make stylish decorations. Using frames and letters in different styles and colors create a more eclectic and whimsical look while keeping them in complementing colors and styles makes the decor cleaner and more modern.

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