I love books, especially the old vintage books that always emit a special nostalgic scent. They give out a feel of antique, history and personality. So no wonder I choose books as one of the easiest and also most effective budget home decorations. If you are a book lover and have trouble finding space for storing them, this article is a must read as your objects of passion can be easily transformed into objects of design. Stay tuned and excite yourself with the following ideas and inspirations for decorating with books.

Vintage looking books

Old books are the greatest decorating assets as they have a vintage feel that compliments any decorating style. Find books with colorful vintage covers from thrift store, secondhand bookstores or even from your family attic. Fake books for decoration are also sold in many decorating stores or could be ordered from Amazon or Ebay.

decorate with vintage booksimage source

Arrange books by colors

Personally I love this book arrangement. Books arranged by colors do not only have an instant attention catching effect but are also very attractive and pleasing to the eyes. And somehow for me finding books by colors seems to be easier than finding by title. You can either arrange from light to dark colors, same color tone in one shelf or create various color patterns with your books.

decorating with books by colorimage via bookriot

Turn the books face out

Make use of the most color popping or eye-catching illustration by turning those covers face out. Vintage and retro illustrations have become highly popular collective items in recent years. So go through your collection of old books to see which covers could be out there on display. The chance is that you would find many interesting and attractive book covers that you would want to show out to the world.

decorate with vintage booksimage source

Stack of books as decoration

Books arranged in stacks can also be beautiful decorative items. A stack of book can be put in a corner casually to add some colors to a neutral color living room or next to your bed to make a super creative nightstand.

decorating with booksimage source

decorate with books nightstandimage from Better Homes and Gardens

Decorating with books is especially easy, inexpensive and there are millions of unique ways that these little pieces of history can add instant charm to your apartment. Only remember to choose books whose colors complement your room’s color palette and style so that everything in your room blends together smoothly and stylishly.

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