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Decorating a beautiful home does not have to break a bank, this category features home decoration ideas on a budget

12 Tips to Add Value to Your Small Home

Your home is your biggest asset, no matter how small it is. It is your assurance that you can get an emergency loan in times of need and that you and your spouse will have a peaceful and assured retirement, no matter what. Real estate property value fluctuates with the economy, but it is usually on a growing trend. And…

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15 Global Style Ideas for Your Home

We live in a global village thanks to the internet and long distance flights. But globalization means more than travels and trade and political scuffles between various groups: it means discovering new cultures and embracing elements from them, enriching our lives. Being a citizen of the Earth these days is all about being open to new ideas, designs, colors and…

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How to Redecorate the Children’s Room on a Budget

The 1st of June is the Children’s Day worldwide and all parents try their best to make it a happy day for their kids. Many parties and surprises are taking place as you’re reading this and the memories of them will last for years. However, some parents try to surprise their children with a longer lasting special event: the redecoration…

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10 Ways to Make Your House Look Luxurious on a Budget

Every person’s home is their castle, or so the saying goes. But, of course, not all of us afford to live in a castle or even have a house like the ones you see in glossy interior design magazines. However, many designers have become sharing a few secrets of the trade with the world. Not all those beautifully appointed rooms…

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How to Decorate with Greenery, Pantone Color of the Year 2017

The company Pantone was founded in 1950 and its crucial contribution to the world is creating a set of standard codes for all the colors you can think of. No matter on what continent and in what country you are, if you use the Pantone code you will always obtain the paint or fabric color you want. Beside bringing order…

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15 Creative Ways to Use Curtains

Curtains are versatile accessories in any home. They offer privacy and decorate a room. Chosen carefully, they can make a room look larger and more airy. And there are so many different styles of curtains, so many creative ways to use them around the house, that we thought that it would be useful to see how different people arrange curtains…

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