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Decorating a beautiful home does not have to break a bank, this category features home decoration ideas on a budget

10 Cute Halloween Crafts for Kids

The next big moment every kid awaits after the end of summer holidays is Halloween. It is the time to go around and trick or treat, dress up as scary monsters or aliens from outer space and have lots and lots of fun. Halloween is also fun for the adults, who get to visit friends and family, set up various…

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10 Creative Ways to Repurpose Old Furniture

Freshly out of the summer holiday season, families step into the “Back to School” one. It means new clothes, books, notebooks, etc. for their children. And these don’t come cheap, especially branded products. If you also need to replace broken furniture or were planning to refurbish your home, your budget will be stretched so much that it would beg for…

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10 Ways to Embrace the 80s Home Decor Style

The 1980s are both in the past and quite recent for most of us. The era of big hair and ridiculous shoulder pads, of neon colors and big, bold patterns has good and bad things in terms of style and decor. Some of us are glad it’s over, but nostalgia keeps creeping in and we see some of its trends…

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12 Adorable Small Playroom Ideas

Every parent in the world tries to make their children’s lives as full of happiness and love as possible. Playing is children’s number one activity, so toys are some of the most frequent purchases. But children also need a space of their own where to play – the playroom. By allowing them the freedom to use their imagination while playing,…

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10 Budget Fireplace Makeovers

There is a time for everything – and as the summer is drawing to an end it is time to start refurbishing your heating installations. Today we will be focusing on the fireplace. Many¬† new houses have electric fireplaces, while older ones still have traditional firewood fireplaces. Over time, these architectural elements will get damaged by heat and smoke; or…

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The Best Space Saving Design Ideas for Small Spaces

An old Latin proverb says “small house, lots of peace”. It is true in some ways, but it is a challenge turning a tiny studio or a house with small rooms into a welcoming and warm place to call home. Your design and furnishing choices are necessarily influenced by the space you actually have. This is why many people simply…

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