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How to Create a Modern Mid-Century Decor in a Small Apartment

The 1960s were an era of liberation in more than one way. The horrors of World War II were slowly fading from the collective memory, economies were thriving again and people wanted to embrace and celebrate life in any possible way. It was the time when artificial materials replaced traditional ones in anything from clothes to furniture and decorations. The…

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17 Inspirational New Year Party Ideas

If you love being the perfect host for unforgettable New Year Eve’s parties, then you must already start planning. Remember that you do not have to worry about living in a small home – people who love you already know this and a great party spirit does not need a huge ballroom. All you need is love and a little…

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10 Ideas to Decorate a Small House for a Birthday Party

Birthday parties are wonderful occasions for fun and joy and you are never too old to throw a great party at home. While various restaurants and entertainment venues offer birthday packages, there is a special charm in hosting a birthday party at home. However, if you live in a small house, decorating it is quite challenging. It is hard to…

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10 Smashing Ideas of Cheap Decor for Small Spaces

People who live in a small apartments usually have to make do with small budgets, as well. This poses a double challenge for them: not only they have to find affordable furniture and decorations, they also have to measure every item judiciously in order to make sure that they fit in their tiny home. Most of the time, the decorations…

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20 Budget Friendly Halloween Decoration Ideas

While some people still miss the summer days, most of us are extremely excited about the arrival of autumn, because it brings us one of the most beloved events: the celebration of Halloween. Started as a 100% American celebration, the night when spooky creatures come to life and children go to trick or treat has become popular worldwide. Since it’s…

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Top Interior Decor Trends for Fall 2016

Autumn is with us already. Children go back to school, everyone is looking forward to Halloween, Thanksgiving and the winter holidays, while interior designers share with us the top trends for furnishing and decorating your home. Every home owner can make their house look stylish and comfortable, no matter how large or small it is. So today we will take…

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